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Top Money Management Strategies for the Year

I want to kick off the off the year with a resource that will help you get a better handle on your cash! When I was drowning in debt and frustrated with a lack of substantial wealth I wasn’t living the life I imagined for myself.

The number one reason for my financial situation at that time was a lack of  information and poor money management strategies.

You may be feeling stuck and looking for answers or you could be on the right path and just curious as to how I manage my families finances. Either way, you’ll find some practical advice in this video. Feel free to use all of the tips or pick the ones that sound good to you.

Do me a favor though. If you watch more then five minutes of the video, make sure you share it as a way to say thanks. To make sharing easy, tap on the share icons anywhere in this page.

This video is created with the beginning of the year in mind, however you can start implementing the money management  strategies anytime. The key is not when you start, but that you get started.

I like to keep our financial planning simple when mapping out the year. I follow the basic steps in the video and teach the same steps to my children.

After watching the video let me know what you think. If there was anything I wasn’t clear on let me know in the comments.

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