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Top 6 Tips for Taking Back To School Photos

It’s back to school season making it the perfect time to take pictures of your little ones. They will grow up so fast and using the start of the school year to capture pictures of them is a tradition you will not regret.

After shopping for school clothes, we usually pick out an outfit of two to do a pre first day of school photo shoot in.

Back To School with Carters and Kohl's

We do this before the first day of school in order to not add any additional stress to an already emotional day. We day our photos while it is still summer but a few days before school begins.

Top Tips for Taking Back To School Photos

Here are some of my best tips!

1. Shop for bright, fun clothing.

Look for clothing that will contrast with your child’s complexion and pieces that reflect their personalities. Kari is super athletic and loves sports, so made sure to choose bright colors with images of his favorite hobbies. Choosing contrasting colors for the photo shoot will also make their skin tone and features stand out in the photos.

2. Let your kids pick some pieces.

My kids are at the age where they won’t wear clothes they don’t like. When shopping for them I involve them in the process since they are the ones who will be wearing the clothes. They don’t make all of the decisions, but I do like hearing and seeing what their style looks like. When they put on something they’ve picked out or given the thumbs up, they seem more happy about what they have on.

3. Take a full length picture of your child in their new clothes and shoes.

In this full length picture Kari has on his comfy top and cargo shorts. The picture captures his height, weight, and structure. A full length picture is a must with kids as often as possible. Full length pictures give you a head to toe memory of your child. They will not look exactly like this for much longer so capture this time.

4. Take a close up of your child’s face, missing teeth and all.

This is one of my favorite tips and one of my favorite back to school pictures of Kari. Don’t be afraid to get up close and on their level. Bend down, focus on their face and take those pictures. Say things to make them smile, laugh and express their facial features. Catching photos of childhood milestones like missing teeth is so special.

5. Choose a good indoor or outdoor setting.

Choose a setting where your kids can have fun and the lighting is good. You don’t want dark pictures for this photo session. My daughter took Kari to the park with a few of his outfits and just let him have fun. The weather was good and since she waited until after twelve, they sun was not too bright.

6. Encourage your kids to have fun and be their amazing selves.

Don’t overthink or force the photo session. The park was perfect for Kari because toddlers love parks. He was able to have fun and my daughter was able to capture some great photos of him. My motto with kids, is put them in their element, snap those photos and your bound to get something amazing.

My daughter and I enjoyed shopping for my grandson for this photo shoot when he started kindergarten.

We hope you get as much joy out of capturing your kids back to school photos as we did.


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21 thoughts on “Top 6 Tips for Taking Back To School Photos

  1. These moments are so precious.I love his smiles.At our home I also do such things with my 4 yo.At the end of the year,these photos are the best to print in his album!

  2. He’s such a cuttiieee!!!!!! I hope he hadd a good first week of school!

  3. Aw! Kari is so cute! I liked your tips and totally agree with you that kids grow fast, therefore parents shouldn’t forget to capture their memories!

  4. Such great tips! Our son starts 1st grade a week from Monday. I am sure I will be taking a lot of pictures then and I will definitely be using some of your tips.

  5. Your grandson is so cute and has so much personality! My granddaughter will start school this year and I am going to suggest this to my daughter – to take photos of her at every grade level. It would make a good collage when she graduates from high school! Oh, BTW, those outfits are really nice.

  6. Your grandson is absolutely adorable and handsome! These are great tips for keeping your child happy and you get some really great photos all the outfits from Kohl’s were super cute also. I’ll be heading over there for some back to school shopping myself pretty soon. No one to

  7. You have such a beautiful and handsome boy. He definitely loved his new, cool clothe for school! so sweet!!d

  8. That last one where he’s looking away from the camera is the best one. Looks more natural than the other posed ones.

  9. Carter’s have great selection of clothing pieces:) Your grandson is a bundle of energy and cheerful spirit! Love these tips especially letting the kids choose their bright fun pieces. 🙂

  10. I take plenty of pictures of my kids. So we definitely got some back to school and last day of school too. We even got some walking to or from school randomly.

  11. I really like Carters clothes and was happy when they added up to size 8 clothing.

  12. HAhaha he looks stunned,yet happy with all new cloths..He might know all needs n deeds,but indeed that sweetness and curious look to have fun is totally catchy…love kids..they’re beautiful..!!!

  13. We homeschool but I do a photo with my kids for each new grade reached. For example, my daughter colored a picture for her first days of kindergarten and first grade and I took a photo with her with those.

  14. What a cutie! Love Carters clothes, they are awesome – and they look great on him.

  15. What a happy kid! I love the idea of taking close up photos. Very touching.

  16. Carters always has some nice deals going on. We love the Carters in the outlet mall near us! Great call on letting the kid pick some clothes out too!

  17. So cute! And I love the tips. I have a cousin and I think he would love to read this once. This is going to help them a lot.

  18. Those back to school shots are priceless. Thanks for all the tips and great outfits for your buddy’s first day.

  19. It was a wonderful post, all the more I could relate it with my 3 year old kid. Photographing all smiles, missing teeth was all so sweet and innocent. Good clothes by carters all together.

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