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Top 5 Tips for Hosting a Football Party

With the biggest football game of the year right around the corner we are planning a football party for a few friends.

We’re buying the things we need at Walmart a little at a time since everything on our menu can be stored in the cabinet or freezer until February. 

This is not the first time we’ve hosted a football party and over time we’ve learned a few tips that I’ll share with you.

These tips will allow you to be a great host with out missing any of the game time action.

Pre-Game Meal:
We usually plan a pre-game meal which allows us time to chat and trash talk the others team before kick off. 
Our pre-game meal is more of a sit down menu which encourages everyone get here before the game for fellowship.  

This year we’ll have Stouffers Party Lasagna & Garden Salad. This is an easy to prepare meal that doesn’t leave you slaving over the stove all day.

Game Time Buffet:
Once the game has started I like to have finger friendly foods laid out near the television. 

For our party guest can choose between Ham & Cheese or Pepperoni Hot Pockets.

These #GameTimeGoodies are easy to serve up using parchment paper and napkins. 

I’ll use warming pans to keep the Hot Pockets. Position game time finger foods in the same room as the game will ensure no one misses the action.

Another thing to prepare for are messes. With so many people moving around things can get knocked over or spilled.

So, on game day I place a small bucket with paper towels and cleaning spray near the buffet area.

If an accident does occur, everything I need for clean up is nearby.

After Game Dessert:

Win or lose, we like for our friends to stick after the game and encourage them to stay awhile by serving dessert.

 We usually have something simple that doesn’t require any preparation. 

This year we’ll serve Edy’s Touchdown Sundae Ice Cream and Nestle Crunch Dipped Drumstick Cones.

My final tip for hosting a football party is to enjoy yourself.

Once you’ve managed to create an atmosphere that lends it’s self to relaxed hosting, sit back and enjoy.


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