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Top 3 Summer Road Trip Essentials for Families

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We love taking road trips as a family and are planning our next road trip to New York. It will be my husband and three teens so I definitely need to plan ahead for our twelve-hour drive. We’ve taken the drive many times over the years, so I know a lot about road trip essentials. Each of my kids are different so I want to make sure I pack and plan things to keep them entertained.Top 3 Must Have Family Summer Road Trip Essentials

Top 3 Summer Road Trip Essentials for Families

Essential #1 -Snacks

Whenever we’re taking a trip that’s over 4 hours I pack snacks and plan things to keep them entertained.  My goals are always to bring along snacks that tastes good, but aren’t filled with a bunch or sugar and junk ingredients.  HIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Puffs, are the perfect option because they tick both boxes. HIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Puffs are crunchy puffs made with organic chickpeas and they come in five flavors so there’s something everyone in the car can enjoy.Top 3 Must Have Family Summer Road Trip Essentials

The flavors include:

Vegan White Cheddar – the taste and texture of cheese puffs without the cheese.

Sriracha Sunshine – tangy sweet spicy jalapeño and paprika and cumin puffs

Bohemian Barbecue – sweet tomato, onion and garlic puffs with smoky barbecue bite

Pepper Power – pepper and sea salt puffs

Far Out Fajita – chili, paprika, and cumin puffs

HIPPEAS Organic Chickpea Puffs are available at grocery, drugstores and on Learn more about them on Instagram @hippeas_snacks.

Essential #2 – Entertainment

For road trips over four hours, I also like to plan a podcast list. Listening to podcasts are a great source of discussion on road trips as well as a source of entertainment.Top 3 Must Have Family Summer Road Trip Essentials

When the kids were little we brought along c.d’s and videos, but now that they are teens we listen to podcasts. Podcasts run anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours so there’s more than enough content to make the ride interesting.

Essential #3 – Grocery Shopping Bags

Finally, I bring along a few grocery store shopping bags in the car for two reasons. The first is trash collection and the second is car sickness. We usually have a car rental and with snacks the trash can pile up quickly. I like to return the rental almost as clean as when I got so repurposed grocery shopping bags work great. I put myself in charge of bringing a few because I’ve had my fair share of motion sickness experiences. I travel a lot and it’s no fun feeling like you need to barf and don’t have a place to do it. I roll up a few bags and stick them on my purse when we travel. Packing the right essentials can be the difference between a vacation full of awesome memories or disaster!!  There are hundreds of road trip essentials. What are your recommendations? Subscribe to

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  1. I always carry my favourite snacks when I am travelling. It is my favourite road trip essential which I always carry.

  2. Travelling mean’s consume the fresh air within a small pores of body by which we get a relax and feel fresh…..

  3. True! Hippeas are the best snacks ever <3

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