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Top 3 Doctor Recommended Tips for Worn Out Moms who want to Feel Like They’re19 Again

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Hey y’all. I know I said I’ll post my workout routine and I haven’t forgotten, but before I do that we should talk about my diet.  

What I eat is tightly connected to the results I see in the gym. It affects my mood, my weight, my digestive system balance, strength and endurance.

I’m  5 feet 1 inch, weigh 120 pounds and squat 135 pounds. I can lift over 220 pounds on the leg press machine and do more pull-ups than some men.

I can only do these things in the gym because of how I take care of my body from the inside out. What I can achieve in the gym starts with what I’m doing at home.

If you want to feel amazing this Summer and being in the best shape you can, here are some tips I highly recommend implementing in your daily routine.

Drink plenty of water: This should be a “no brainer” but I see some many people get this wrong. Iced-tea, flavored drinks, or anything else’s besides 100% water doesn’t constitute water consumption. 

The only thing I believe you can add to water and it still be considered water is fresh fruit, vegetables (such as cucumbers) or herbs. I try to start every day with a 16 oz. cup of water. I feel like the earlier I start my day drinking it, the greater the chance that I’ll drink at least 8 cups by bedtime.

Take Vitamins and Supplements: This is so important to helping you feel good. You will never know how bad you feel until you begin taking better care of yourself. 

Are you in need of energy? Do you often feel sluggish, tired or bloated?

If you do, those are signs that something is not working right internally.

It could have something to do with what you’re eating and not eating, but it could also have something to do with what you’re carrying around in your body.

I’m a part-time vegetarian and I can see a night and day difference in my digestive system balance when I’m eating meat. Meat is overall harder to digest than fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes. 

During the times when I’m eating meat I keep a close eye on my digestion process from start to finish. I’m looking to ensure I had a bowel movement at least two times a day. I’m also looking for abdominal irritation such as cramps or bloated feeling throughout the day. 

The goal of food is to feed your organs and muscles, not sit in your stomach so that you’re not hungry until the next meal. 

Food is fuel for the body and once the body has used the fuel it needs, the rest should exit the body within a few hours. 

To help keep my digestive system flowing properly I take an Insync natural probiotic supplement daily along with my vitamins. 

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Insync is a gradual release supplement so I take it early in the morning to allow it time to work all day long. Using a probiotic increases the healthy bacteria in the intestine, making it easier for the body to get. 

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Taking Insync Probitotic with my multi, B, C and D vitamins provides the components my body needs to turn the foods I eat during the day into fuel and also get rid of any waste. 

Eat for Fuel: This is so important to how successful you’ll be in the gym.

There’s two kinds of eating, for enjoyment and for fuel. Eighty percent of what I eat is for fuel. When choosing foods for fuel I want items that are easily digestible, high in vitamins and nutrients. 

Because I rarely eat meat there are a lot of beans in my diet and when I do eat meat, it’s only chicken breasts or fish. 

I also fuel my body with a lot of homemade smoothies, fresh juices, and yummy vegetables.

I used to whine about not having energy. I was always tired, irritated, agitated and stressed. I went to bed tired and woke up tired.

It wasn’t until I became more aware of what I was putting in my body that I realized I was the cause of the issues.

Those symptoms were my body screaming out for change. 

Ever since I started making healthier food choices I’ve had more energy to get outdoors and do the things I love. 

Since becoming more intentional about what I put into my body I’ve begun to feel the best I’ve felt in years. I haven’t been sick in over two years and I have as much energy as I had when I was in my early 20’s.

If you begin drinking more water, taking your vitamins and eating better for 2-weeks I’d love for you to tweet me and @insyncprobiotic and @ApronsAndStilletos (me) on Twitter using the hashtag #NaturalProbiotic to let us know if you feel a  difference.

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