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Top 10 Simple Finance Books To Read This Year

A common habit of highly successful people is the habit of reading. Reading is an accessible way to gain new knowledge at a very affordable price point. Many of the books I mention are available for free at the library or can be purchased for a reasonable price compared to the value they provide.

The great things about reading books is that it gives you the opportunity to pick the brain of people who are smarter than you when it comes to finances. It allows you to access the ideas that helped others become successful with money by reading the books they’ve written. 

Some of the books that have helped me master my money or that are on my current reading list are listed below. Just tap through the link to read each books summary. 

Top 10 Simple Finance Books To Read This Year

  1. The Prosperity Plan
  2. Ask And It Is Given
  3. The Instant Millionaire
  4. Your Money Or Your Life
  5. A Random Walk Down Wall Street
  6. The Elements of Investing
  7. The Millionaire Next Door
  8. Retire Inspired
  9. The Automatic Millionaire
  10. The Simple Path to Wealth 


Final Thoughts:

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Top 10 Simple Finance Books To Read This Year
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