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The Shave that Makes Me Fall in Love with my Husband Again and Again

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There is something oh-so-sexy about my husband when he just finished shaving

From his soft skin, to the intoxicating scent of his aftershave, I just can’t help but plant kisses all over him.

His freshly shaven baby face still attracts me to him after all these years. 

I’m so in love with him and I know where every adorable mole and beauty mark on his face is, especially the heart shaped one on his left cheekbone.

His magnificently groomed face is no fluke. It’s meticulously crafted using Gillette razors. 

My husband is not really brand loyal unless it’s a product that touches his face.
He won’t use any other razor but Gillette. He prefers power, but will use the manual, but that’s it. 

I’ve tried to get him to use other brands, but he won’t. Normally, I’d nag him since some of the other brands are cheaper, but with the way his face looks and feels after so many years of using Gillette Fusion razors, there’s no point.

When we found out about the launch of the NEW Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide Power Flexball Razor, of course we went and pick one up from Walmart. 

My husband shaves every two days, but I asked him to skip shaving for five days before trying out the Gillette Flexball Razor.

He was very reluctant, but eventually gave in. Day five couldn’t have gotten here any faster.

He couldn’t wait to shave, and I couldn’t wait to have his stubble free, kissably soft face back again.

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