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The Immunization Record that Almost Foiled My Plans

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I recently had to get the kids registered for the new school year. Although my children are three different schools this year, I wasn’t worried about making it to each of the registration events. I knew I’d already sent over digital copies of all required documents, their vaccinations were up to date, and it would be just a matter of paying fees and picking up schedules.

Everything went smoothly at my oldest and youngest son’s schools. It wasn’t until I got to the nurse line at my daughter’s school that I was told they did not have her immunization record. I reassured the nurse, she’d had her last immunization, but she would hear none of it.
I’d have to produce the immunization record before I could move to the next station and ultimately get her schedule.

It was almost 5pm so I knew I wouldn’t be able to get the shot that late from her pediatrician. Then I remembered there was a Walgreens near her school. If her shot record didn’t show she’d had her required immunization, I knew I could swing by Walgreen’s to have it done.

The great thing about getting immunized at Walgreens is their Get a Shot. Give a Shot® initiative. It gives us the opportunity to help a child, who would not otherwise have access to vaccinations, get vaccinated.

For the past three years we’ve sponsored a little girl in Burkina Faso, Africa through one of favorite ministries and are always looking for more ways we can give back.

The Walgreens Shot@Life initiative is a great way to give back, especially if you don’t have the resources to sponsor a child. 

After a quick call to my daughter’s pediatrician, they were able to fax over her shot record and we got her schedule.

I’m glad I had a backup plan, even though I didn’t have to use it.

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