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Teen Video Game Rules

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I was going to title this Summer Video Game Rules but went with Teen Video Game Rules. Our gaming rules are pretty much the same year round. We partnered with Turtle Beach to replace Juwan’s broken gaming headset and thought it’d be the perfect time to share how we’ve managed gaming for our children.

Juwan is like a typical teen who likes playing video games during his free time. He’d play day and night if we allowed it, but of course that’s not happening.

Teen Video Game Rules

Teen Video Game Rules

We have video game rules in here and learning comes first even during the summer. With the summer fast approaching he’ll want more game time so I’ll be tweaking the rules just a bit. During the school year, there’s no gaming on school days, but that switches during the summer. To earn game time during the summer, he’ll need to have a clean bedroom, one hour of intellectual activity complete and one hour of physical activity.

As long as those prerequisites are met he can play the video game for up to three hours each day. He’ll want more time than that, but at 15 years old, three hours is more than enough time.

One thing that draws him to gaming is the ability to connect with his friends online. Rather than walking two houses down to play video games at his friend’s house, they play and communicate virtually.Teen Video Game Rules

Juwan has a Turtle Beach Recon 70 Headset with a 3.5 mm plug. It makes using the headset with Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices possible.

Teen Video Game RulesTeen Video Game Rules

Over the summer he’ll be allowed to communicate virtually with schoolmates using his headset as long as he has game privileges.

We monitor his virtual activity asking who he talks to online and what information he shares. He’s responsible so we don’t mind him chatting with friends while gaming, but we do keep an eye out.

The Recon 70 high sensitivity microphone let’s him communicate clearly and when the mic is flipped up it automatically mutes for privacy. I don’t want every conversation we have in our home shared with his gaming buddies so I like the mute feature. Teen Video Game RulesTeen Video Game Rules

Juwan can play video games in any room of the house as long as the door is left open. We do that so we can work as his gaming accountability partners. It’s too easy for kids to buy and download inappropriate games so we do what we do to make sure his game time is enjoyable and safe.

Even with the door open and noise in the house he’s able to concentrate. The headset has high quality speakers, crisp gaming audio and over-ear cushions that block outside noise. He gave the Recon 70’s a thumbs up as a good entry-level gaming headphone. The outside noise cancellation was something he noticed immediately. He said he couldn’t hear me talking while I was standing next to him and no game audio on. While he loves that feature, I now know I’ll have to tap him to get his attention when he’s gaming.Teen Video Game Rules

We have about three more summers before Juwan heads off to college. He’s our youngest and one who’s been exposed to this tech culture the longest of our children. We’ve seen him use it responsibly and hope these tips help you figure out how to include gaming in your home in a practical way.

The Recon 70 gaming headset comes several colors and versions which you can learn more about here. When you arrive on the page, there should be a pop-up that will give you 10% off your first purchase when you sign up for the Turtle Beach newsletter.

Teen Video Game Rules


Teen Video Game Rules




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