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Teen Friendly Road Trip Travel Pack

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Teen Friendly Road Trip Travel Pack
We are family who loves to travel. Anytime we get a chance we get a chance, we hit the road for a change of scenery. Since my kids were little, I’d plan fun thing to keep them occupied on road trips. Doing this has helped pass the time and make the ride more enjoyable for everyone. Even though my kids are teens, I still like to plan fun things for them to do in the car. 

Of course I could give them a mobile device and let them veg out the entire road trip, but sometimes I want them to be more productive with their time. Today I’m sharing a simple blueprint for a Teen Friendly Road Trip Travel Pack. This one is inspired by my youngest daughter who loves to craft and draw. If I were making this for my boys, I’d fill the pack with things they like. 

To make this craft inspired travel pack you’ll need:

  • snacks (sweet & salty)
  • yarn
  • bling on a rope
  • journal supplies
  • small container
  • shredded paper (optional)
  • treat bag or ziplock bag
  • small container with lid (2)
  • scissors
  • glue dots 
Teen Friendly Road Trip Travel Pack

I started with a sturdy frame box that I filled with a little bit of shredded paper. I used a frame box because it’s flat and can be stored under the seats in the car.

I didn’t want the box to be overcrowded with snacks but wanted to add flavor variety. I wanted the boxes to include a sweet and salty snack. I stopped by Kroger and picked up two flavors of the RITZ Sandwich Crackers for the salty snack. The crackers were on sale which isn’t surprising because Kroger always has great deals on stuff I need. Plus when I shop there I have the option of the self checkout lanes making it easier for me to get out quickly. 

Once I started putting the snacks in the box, instead of putting two full packs of RITZ crackers in the box, I took a few RITZ Peanut Butter Filled Sandwich Crackers and a few RITZ Cheese Filled Sandwich Crackers and added them to a paper treat bag. To balance the salty snacks, I filled a tin with some sweet candies. Packing snacks in the car on road trips has always kept the kids from getting “hangry”. Now that they’re older, I like giving them their snacks upfront versus passing them out while driving.

Teen Friendly Road Trip Travel Pack
Teen Friendly Road Trip Travel Pack

To keep my daughter occupied I added a DIY mini journal, a pen, and a small container filled with a stamp set. The container will ensure ink does not get all over the box.

Another thing I included for her are the supplies to make a yarn tassel for her pen. This is an easy craft that can be created in under and hour. To secure the bling on a rope, I usually use hot glue, but that won’t work in a car. Instead, I added glue dots which work just as well.

Teen Friendly Road Trip Travel Pack

Once I had everything organized, I loaded it into the box. What I love about this idea is how simple it is and that it can be customized for each child. 

Teen Friendly Road Trip Travel Pack

RITZ Filled Sandwich Crackers are now available at Kroger. Just look for the sign that says “multipack snacks” in the lunch box aisle. 

Teen Friendly Road Trip Travel Pack
What are your tips for keeping kids occupied on road trips?


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10 thoughts on “Teen Friendly Road Trip Travel Pack

  1. When my kids were younger, arts and crafts were fine. As they entered their teen years, they were into gadgets, video games and movies.

  2. This is such a cute idea! Snacks are definitely a must have for any and all road trips!

  3. Snacks are always a must! Hangry is definitely a thing. I definitely need my podcasts and caffeine with me on road trips! Either podcasts or audiobook!

  4. Whether it be a road trip or any other type of travel, I've found novelty to be helpful. Things that the kids aren't as familiar with or haven't had in a while keep them happy longer. Even presenting things in new ways. Being hungry certainly doesn't help, so having snacks is critical!

  5. These are great ideas! Something to keep their hungry away and keep them busy! (client)

  6. Those really are great tips. I have no kids but I think that the snack box is a very good idea. Making that tassel would certainly keep any child occupied.

  7. My children are all grown ups now, but I still remember the time when they were teens and how bored they got during our road trips! Smartphones and tablets were not yet readily available back then so they had to make do with snacks (a lot of it) and their music players. I'm sharing this post with my sister. She's got two kids, both teens.

  8. When we travel, we install our portable DVD player with 2 screens that we have for car use specifically, and they watch DVDs on our trip driving. They also play with their 3DS sometimes.

  9. These are great tips! I agree that technology is only good for so long and they need to something productive and use their own creativity.

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