Teaching Your Kids to be Generous

Ever since my kids were little I’ve stressed generosity. It began at home when I’d ask them to share with their siblings or help them in some way.

Now that my kids are teens and adults, I get to teach my grandchildren about generosity. Being generous requires you to think about someone other than yourself and it pay you back with a priceless,intangible reward that you can’t get from doing anything else.

When kids are little they don’t often understand the impact of their generosity and may be reluctant to do it. That was the case with my grandson a few weeks ago. We were shopping and on the way into the grocery store, were given a food donation flyer. We told he we were going to grab some food to donate and he went on and on asking what we going to get him even though we’d already bought him snacks from another store. With him being so young, I understand him wanting everything for himself, but I used this as a teaching opportunity and talked to him about children in need.

I thought I’d gotten through to him but as we exited the store and I told him the put the donation in the bin, he replied, “This is my soup”. All I could do is shake my head and smile. Teaching Your Kids to be Generous

Teaching generosity is not a one time thing mamas. It’s ongoing and should be done with patience and love. My grandson finally gave up the soup after I reminded him of all he already had and I was so proud of him. Generosity is giving when you don’t have to and should be done with cheerfulness.

Teaching Your Kids to be Generous

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