Little Black Dress

When you saw the title I bet you were thinking this would be a fashion post. My bad. Don’t be disappointed though because it’ll be just as good. This Little Black Dress isn’t a dress at all, it is an affordable and delicious female-centric wine collection. They are the brain-child of Margaret Leonardi and are crafted in California. I adore the cute feminine packaging from the muted pink and peach foil to the delicate LBD font on the label and cork. Pinot Grigio Grapes: This wine is predominately Pinot Grigio, with small amounts of Chardonnay, Muscat, and Viognier grapes. Flavor: It has a light, pale yellow color with scents of apple, pear and lemongrass upfront followed by hints of orange and tangerine. Pairing: Little Black Dress [Click here to continue reading]