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How I Motivate Myself to Exercise | Gym to Street Style

I have a love-hate relationship with fitness y’all! I love the results of working out but I hate working out. Well, I hate getting up and going to the gym, but once I get going I’m so glad that I went. My biggest motivation is the fact that I reward myself for reaching my goals. To get myself excited and consistent with working out, I had to find out what would compel me to actually go. For me it’s shopping for fitness gear. I don’t do a lot of random shopping. The way my budget is set up, I just feel like I have enough clothes and there are so many other things I’d rather do with my money than wear it. However, I do [Click here to continue reading]

31 Day Fitness Challenge for Childhood Cancer

31 Day Fitness Challenge for Childhood Cancer

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Alex’s Lemonade Stand . The opinions and text are all mine. My oldest son graduates from high school in less than a year and has no memory of when we had a scare with Leukemia. He was about 18 month old, so tiny and vulnerable. I remember clearly when the doctors said the word L-E-U-K-E-M-I-A. It felt link my insides melted into my feet. My blood felt like it had turned ice cold and I held back the urge the cry. I refused to become emotional. Instead the warrior in me went into fight mode. I see that same fight in the efforts of the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and Alex’s Million Mile. September is Childhood [Click here to continue reading]

How I Clear Up My Eczema | Glowy, Healthy Skin Edition

I hosted a live video chat on my Instagram channel earlier this week sharing how eczema has affected not only me but my children for years. Eczema has been a skin problem that has plagued me and my children and I have been on a diligent search to find a solution that would clear up the irritating breakouts. I’m not saying I’ve found a cure, but I’ve definitely found that the following solutions have reduced our eczema flare ups dramatically. Use an apple cider vinegar rinse as needed. I’ve found that by using an apple cider vinegar rinse on my hair and skin, most of my eczema has dried up as a result. I typically mix one part ACV to one part water in a bottle. My eczema is [Click here to continue reading]

Two Body Sculpting Exercises for Busy Moms

*Disclaimer: I am not a licensed fitness coach. Please consult your doctor before starting an exercise routine. When I carve out time four days a week to exercise I have a goal in mind and that’s to get fit. I want to maintain weight, keep my body healthy and stay in shape. My routine typically takes an hour and a half to complete, but there are days when my mornings are too busy for that. On those mornings, I don’t have time to get a full workout in, but there are two exercises I can do that will feel like I worked my whole body. These two exercises target my chest, back, biceps, glutes, hips and hamstrings.  Deadlifts work a series of muscles from my head [Click here to continue reading]

5-Minute Office Workout

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. All opinions are mine alone. #StopPainNow #CollectiveBias My husband is my man crush every day and a big reason behind why I got back into exercising after having our fourth child. He is super motivated, loves looking and feeling great. He exercises to keep his endurance up and keep his body in tip-top shape. So when he was plagued with chronic Sciatica, it really took a toll on him physically. Sciatica is a pain that extends from the back down through the lower leg. It usually goes away in about six weeks with rest, but my husbands lasted and worsened for three years. He drives for a living so he’s sitting a lot and we [Click here to continue reading]

4 Ways to Be Your Best from the Inside Out

People are often surprised by my age and think I’m younger than I am. I don’t mind it now, but when I was in my twenties I hated looking young. I think the assumption is derived by observing my height (I’m 5,1) my build (I weigh 120 pounds), my hair, skin, and nails.  In my early twenties, self-care became very important to me. Taking time to do things that made me happy and nurtured me from the inside out was a normal part of my routine. This got a little harder when I became a wife and mom. In all honesty, it fell by the wayside for some years. When our kids were little, self-care was put on the back burner. As my kids got older, [Click here to continue reading]