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Symmetric Collage Wall | Gallery Wall

I’ve finally jumped on the collage wall band wagon and I’m gonna ride it until the wheels fall off. 

This is my first attempt which I tried on my entry way wall. I chose this wall since I’ll be repainting it soon, that way if I messed up I could just patch the nail holes before painting.

But y’all….I ended up loving it thanks to all of your feedback. When I posted the four different groupings on my instagram I had in mind for the collage/gallery wall, many of you picked the one I liked best.

Even though I decided on grouping number four, it’s good to have these alternates as ideas for the future.

To hang the frames and mirrors I used small nails and for the shelf and plaque I used screws. In the future I will use Command adhesive strips instead. 

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    Once I got everything hung, I was absolutely in love with the finished result. Seeing my babies faces on the wall as soon as I enter the front door makes me happy.

    My next task will be repainting the walls in this space. I have been dying to do it, but have had so many other projects to complete. 

    Once the wall is painted I may come back and share and update with comparison photos. Just let me know if you want to see this wall after the color is updated.

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