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Sweet Onion Garden Bowl Salad

Nothing makes summer sweeter than enjoying my favorite summer produce in new and unique recipes that support my fitness goals. This Sweet Onion Garden Bowl Salad recipe is a sponsored post written in partnership with Vidalia Onions. All opinions are mine.

I have another bold flavored summer salad for you to add to your meal plan. This is a vegetarian recipe that’s light, pretty and flavorful. The variety of vegetables covers all the bases for me in terms of a meal I can eat as the main course or paired with a protein. It aligns perfectly with my fitness goal to keep my weight below 130 lbs, by reducing junk food. This Sweet Onion Garden Bowl Salad is easy for me to make on Monday and holds up well all week-long.

Sweet Onion Garden Bowl Salad

It’s sweetness is created with Sweet Vidalia Onions. I could seriously eat a Sweet Onion Garden Bowl Salad every day this summer and not get tired of it, unfortunately Vidalia onions are only available between April and August. So while I can get my hands on the onions I’m going to enjoy this salad.Sweet Onion Garden Bowl Salad

Sweet Vidalia Onions get’s its unique flavor based on where and how they are grown. They’re only grown in soil found within 20 South Georgia counties so it’s literally farm to table when I use them in recipes.Sweet Onion Garden Bowl Salad

This Sweet Onion Garden Bowl Salad made using Sweet Vidalia Onions is vegetarian, packed with flavor and fun textures. There’s the sweetness from the onion, and tomato followed up by nutty garbanzo beans, fragrant parsley and savory sun-dried tomato feta cheese. Sweet Onion Garden Bowl Salad

I’ll be the first to tell you Germaine was devastated when he heard I 10 pounds of Vidalia Onions coming. He hates onions! He can’t stand the way they taste or smell. I’ve tried putting them in stews, pureed in soups and even cooking with them whole and removing them from the dish, but he just doesn’t like them. I let that stop me from eating and cooking with them for years, but I couldn’t stay away from the flavor. I love liver with onions, raw onions in salsa, lightly cooked onions on my steak tacos and onion simmered in my stews.

I don’t go to crazy making them often, but it’s always funny when he realizes I’ve eaten raw onions and smells them on my breath. He tells me I have to stay away from him until the scent is gone.

What Other Ways Can I Use Sweet Vidalia Onions?

The sky is the limit here. Sweet Vidalia Onions can be eaten cooked or raw and are great recipes like this Sweet Vidalia Primavera Pizza. I use Vidalia Onions as to add texture and taste to everyday recipe from stews to desserts. If you need some inspiration, check out these unique Vidalia Onions recipes.


How Should I Store Sweet Vidalia Onions?

I have stored them all wrong. I typically put most of my root vegetable under the cabinet where its dark, but I found out that’s the wrong way to store Sweet Vidalia Onions. These onions have a higher water content than other onions and will actual rot faster when stored with potatoes. To get the most use of these onions they should be stored in the refrigerator vegetable bin individually wrapped in paper towel. They can also be dried, chopped and frozen or frozen whole which happens to be my favorite way to store them for future use.

Sweet Onion Garden Bowl Salad

Sweet Onion Garden Bowl Salad


Sweet Onion Garden Bowl Salad
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