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Sun’s out guns out fitness update

I’m so glad the weather is warming up again. It makes it so much easier to get up and go to the gym when it’s bright and sunny outside. 

I’ve been switching up my routine a bit and becoming more focused on muscle building versus muscle definition. So I’ve been doing less reps with heavier weights when weight training. I’ll probably continue doing this for about another month and then go back to toning the muscle I’ve built over the summer. 

I had loss some muscle and my strength decreased during November and December because I wasn’t exercising as much. It took about eight weeks for me to get back my strength and lose a few inches around my mid section, I’d gained over the holiday.

Because of the break I took over the holiday, I’d lost a good deal of upper body strength and really had to work hard to be able to do more than a handful of pull-ups.

Pull-ups, especially wide grip, are so hard to do, but I love a challenge. Here’s my progress from a few weeks ago. 

I set my fitness goals at the end of last year just like most people did, and it’s good to see that I’m sticking with them.

I typically exercise on my own, but have done so with my husband as well. 

We have some great exercises for you guys who want to do a couples workout.

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