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Strawberry Vanilla Protein Milkshake Recipe

For the last six to eight months I’ve been working on getting rid of my mommy pouch and getting a six pack.

The mommy pouch is finally gone and I am starting to see some definition in my abdominal area.  

The trick has been cutting way back on sugar. I stopped eating meat and cut out sugar from October to January and I was super lean, strong and my abs were on point.

I added meat back to my diet because I was losing more weight than I wanted. In that time I stumbled upon the most delicious faux milkshake recipe ever.

Strawberry Vanilla Protein Milkshake

This recipe is the!! It taste just like a real milkshake, only it’s healthy.

1. To make it, first I add one scoop of Muscle Milk Vanilla Creme to the blender.

2. Next, I toss in my frozen fruit.

3. After that, I add pour in my cup of 2% milk.

4. Now I blend everything on high for about one minute of until everything looks mixed well.

You can enjoy your milkshake right away because it comes out of the blender thick and creamy just like a traditional strawberry milk shake.

This is a snack option you can enjoy without feeling guilty and without having it show up on your waistline later.

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