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Start to Finish DIY Shed

We finally have a shed in our backyard and I can’t express how happy that makes us. Germaine ordered this 10 x 8 galvanized metal shed online after doing a lot of research on it. While waiting on it to arrive we got started building the shed base.Start to Finish DIY Shed

We used the same method we used when building our ground level deck. I won’t go into construction details because there are already a ton of tutorials online, but I will share my excitement for how well it all came together. We out the floor frame together on a flatter part of our yard and them moved it to where we wanted it to permanently be.Start to Finish DIY Shed

It took about three days to put the shed base together and level the ground as much as we could using shovels.

Start to Finish DIY ShedOn day one we constructed the floor frame and leveled out the area. One days two and three we cut and screwed down the shed flooring.

Once we got the actual shed we unboxed everything and got started. It took us about three days, working on it roughly three hours a day to finish.Start to Finish DIY Shed

Even the kids came out and helped us.   Start to Finish DIY Shed
Start to Finish DIY Shed

The last thing I’d like to do is lay down a paver border where I can sit some slow growing perennials in medium planters.

Start to Finish DIY Shed Start to Finish DIY Shed



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