Spring Family Trip in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Germaine and I asked Niyah a few months back what she wanted to do for Spring Break. Germaine and I have just gotten back from visiting Junior in October and we didn’t take Niyah and Juwan with us. School was just starting back up and I didn’t want them to miss any days.Spring Family Trip in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Niyah had said she wanted to go somewhere and do something fun and I knew the next logical time for us to travel wouldn’t be until school let of for Spring Break so I got intentional and gave her two options to choose from. Niyah is a lot like me, in the fact that she loves to be “doing something fun” and for use that usually translates into traveling. Spring Family Trip in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

So I gave her the option of going to Tennessee or New Jersey for Spring Break and she chose New Jersey. New Jersey was on the list because we could spend some time with Junior who’s away at college. It’s still different not having him here everyday, but we are all so excited for him. If she would have chosen Tennessee, it would have been their first time there and we were thinking of staying at a château in the mountains and enjoying the seclusion.

Junior is in school just an hour from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania so we decided to drive there to get something to eat from the Reading Terminal Market. I took you with me inside in my Instagram stories while we were there and showed you many of the amazing shops inside.

It’s been a few years since we’d been to Philly, but it was so fun and worth the drive. The city was gorgeous and full of energy. I’m a city girl, born and bred in NYC so I thrive on the hustle and bustle while vacationing. My kids do too! Spring Family Trip in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Spring Family Trip in Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaWe had such a fun time in Reading Terminal Market. There is so much to eat that we have to make plans to come just for a foodie weekend one day. We ended up getting a few things from the Amish bakery to take back out our hotel room for dessert. It was so nice to be back in Philly and I’m glad my husband thought to take us while on Spring Break.

Spring Family Trip in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What’s your favorite things to do when in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

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