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Spring Cleaning My Mac

Thank you CleanMyMac X for sponsoring this post. Ranked as the “App of the month” on Product Hunt, CleanMyMac X is an all-in-one package to awesomize your Mac and make it run just like it did on day one. #CleanMyMacX

Have you all been enjoying updates on my office progress? I hope so because I’ve truly enjoyed sharing them. Right now I’m in the process of picking out new flooring for my office and a new desk. Those two tasks are next on my to-do list, but probably won’t be complete until mid summer. We are in the throes of spring which means traveling, tackling outdoor projects as well as deep cleaning the house for spring.While I won’t get to the office floors just yet, I am working on several home office spring cleaning post to share with you.

My home office is my dream workspace. Everything in this room was meticulously thought out and chosen by me. Everything from the wall color, to the flooring on my “still to-do list” and the office technology.

It’s no mystery that I use a Mac desktop and laptop in my office. The laptop was my first large  business investment and I’ve definitely gotten my monies worth. When I researched laptops I  looked for something with speed, but light weight and powerful. I needed a powerful laptop I could use in my office or on the go and mine has not let me down. I’ve had it about five years  and it’s been able to handle all of my documents, pictures and video flawlessly, but I recently noticed I’ve been getting error messages. One that I get often is “disk space full” and while I know what that means I haven’t been successful in cleaning it up on my own. Since I’m creating spring cleaning content I thought it would be helpful to share how I finally cleaned and sped up my Mac with CleanMyMac X.Spring Cleaning My Mac

I downloaded CleanMyMac X one night while Germaine and I were watching television. I decided to do it at night thinking it would need a couple of hours to work. After downloading and running the powerful app I was surprised to see the Mac utility ran its course and was done in minutes. Within a few minutes I knew what issues my Mac was having and how to fix them. With a few clicks of a button my Mac good as new.Spring Cleaning My Mac

The app was super easy to install and ran super quick. On day one I couldn’t tell whether their was an improvement but within a few days of running CleanMyMac X the speed of my Mac had improved and I was no longer getting the “disk space full” message. I’m sure the app worked instantly, but with use I was really able to notice the improvements. The cleaning app legit did what it said it would do and I’m impressed.

Spring Cleaning My Mac

This spring cleaning task has made working from my laptop fun again. It was starting to respond slow and felt bogged down before running CleanMyMac X.  I was contemplating taking my Mac to be serviced, but now there’s no need. The app saved me time, money plus cleaned up, sped up, and protected my Mac with just one tool. Now I can get back to creating content with a clean computer both inside and out.

Are you ready to spring clean your Mac? If so, just click on the special link below to download the powerful CleanMyMac X utility. Clicking the link will AUTOMATICALLY start the download process so make sure you are on your Mac before clicking on the link.

Download CleanMyMac X here

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  1. Thanks for the information! I love my mac and it’s getting really old. I am going to try this out.

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