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Spring Cleaning List

Is anyone working through a Spring cleaning list?
In the South a Spring cleaning list is a must. Between now and when it gets “Hotter-Than-A-Suana” around here, is the only time you can get things done inside and out relatively mild temperatures.
Once the temps reach that “Hotter-Than-A-Suana” I’m not doing any additional work aside from basic household upkeep. 

So what kinds of things should you clean?

For me, it’s those things that I wouldn’t clean daily or weekly. Spring cleaning should focus on those areas that can withstand being cleaned biannually or annually. 
I sat down and created a Spring cleaning list for myself based on the needs of our home.

Spring Cleaning List

2. Wipe all windows and window sills. (Done)
3. Wash all curtains. 
4. Degrease stove hood. (Done/post coming on 3/17)
5. Wipe all kitchen cabinets and reorganize dishes.
6. Wash china. (Done)
7. Wipe all cabinet fronts.
8. Deep clean and reorganize the fridge.
9. Wash all shower curtains and replace shower liners.
11. Dust all picture frames and knock knacks. (Done)
12. Wash all rugs.
13. Wash patio furniture.
14. Sweep deck and patio.
15. Plant flowers in front beds. 
16. Deep clean bathroom top to bottom. (Done/post coming soon)
I’ve already began tackling things on this list and get excited with each thing I cross off.
As I share the ones I’ve completed on the blog, I will add links to them above. 
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