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Sparkly New Year's Eve Dessert Table

New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite days of the year.

It’s one of the few days I let my kids go ham on desserts. Instead of just making desserts, this year I decided to put together a festive sparkly New Year’s Eve inspired dessert table. All of the sweets cost just under $11.

I started by using things I already had on hand. For the decorative table covering, I used some wrapping paper I bought on clearance after Christmas last year.

Then I grabbed some sparkly Christmas tree ornaments. These cost me nothing in addition to what I originally paid for them a few years ago. I suggest using inexpensive ornaments from the dollar tree to embellish your table.


I did have to buy the ingredients for these sparkly smore’s and they were pretty much the most expensive thing I had to buy. The cookies were $3.19, the marshmallow $2 and the chocolate $2.89. The silver edible sprinkles were leftover from when I made these Sparkly Ice Cream bars.

The great thing about these desserts are that they can be made a few days ahead. I usually make everything a day or two in advance and store them in different sized air tight containers.
I love entertaining, but don’t like being tied to the kitchen trying to prepare and elaborate spread so I utilize some pre-cooked and convenience items. Instead of making everything from scratch, I baked the cupcakes, but I used store bought frosting. You could just as easily use store bought cupcakes. The store versions look just as good as anything you can make at home.
To dress up my cupcakes, I made some sparkly cupcake toppers. I’ll show you how easy it was in my next post. That little bit of sparkle paired with the silver sprinkles gives the cupcakes a gourmet feel.
I didn’t want to overwhelm the table with sparkly cake toppers, so I added glitter and marshmallows to some of the cupcakes.
Cupcakes can get messy for little kids, so I placed some inside mini tasting bowls to catch crumbs.
Instead of using boring plastic forks, I added a bit of bling to make them fit the table decor. Don’t be scared to think outside the box and be creative. Embellished utensils like these sell for $12.99 and up. You can easily make your own for much cheaper.
I love using fresh flowers when entertaining, but I didn’t have any, so I opted for some artificial ones. You can use real high end artificial flowers or one from the dollar store. These are from the dollar store. Again…a really frugal decor idea.
To keep my cost low, I made these simple jello jigglers. Once they were set, I used a star shaped cookie cutter and sprinkled some silver sprinkles on top.
The jello jigglers are very low in sugar since they’re made with 100% apple juice.
So just to recap, the total spent for this tablescape was $11 and I saved money by using things I already had around the house like wrapping paper, Christmas tree ornaments and fake flowers.
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22 thoughts on “Sparkly New Year's Eve Dessert Table

  1. That is a beautiful dessert table. It's so lovely that I would feel badly even taking anything off of it.

  2. These are such wonderful and affordable ideas that I can start now. Love the utensils. And the glittered s'mores and well everything.

  3. Can I come to your house for NYE? I would love to partake in the fun festivities that you have on full display here! I'm a fan of sparkly things. AND let's not forget the yummy desserts you have going on as well. What a fun time. Great post 🙂 Happy Holidays to you!!

  4. What a lovely set up. I am super impressed. You really have an eye for detail.

  5. What a cute party!!! I love what you did for the "smores!!" My daughter would love this party because of all the sparkles.

  6. Love the sparkles on the marshmellows. You can do that for any theme. So simple and never thought of that.

  7. You certainly thought of everything. I love how you balanced the sparkle out with different things.

  8. Wow! Love it! Looks really good and so festive! The perfect dessert table for the Holidays!

  9. Who doesn't love sparkly holiday goodies! What a fantastic spread! You make it look so easy! Well done!

  10. I love the sparkly concept. It is very festive! Should I make something like this, I would also use foil wrap in red, green and yellow. Thanks for the idea. Great work you put in, for only a few dollars spent!

  11. What a beautiful table and decor! It's amazing that you pulled it all together within such a budget and just goes to show you that cheap doesn't have to look cheap – stunning!

  12. Your NYE dessert table is beautiful! My daughters would love to have a sparkly table filled with these scrumptious desserts! It looks very elegant and yet is so budget friendly!

  13. What a pretty table set up! I love that you added bling to the plastic utensils.

  14. Wow! What an awesome display, and I am really surprised how budget-friendly it is. I would guess the expense would be far higher from the lovely presentation. Thank you for sharing these lovely ideas!

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