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Small Guest Bathroom Update with the SpaLet™ Bidet Seat from American Standard

This is a sponsored post written in partnership with American Standard. All opinions are mine.

Need ideas for your small guest bathroom update? You’ve come to the right place. Here are a few updates you can do in a weekend to change the look and feel of your guest bathroom.

Here’s the latest update on my guest bath chronicles. I haven’t really done much to it since the bigger updates from last summer. I’ve had so many get together’s with friends and family who saw the bathroom before the updates and who’d followed along with the transformation here on my blog. When they experienced the finished bathroom in real life they were like, ‘WOAH‘. It was so funny having one of my good friends and her kids ask to see the guest bath for the first time after the updates. They’d been here about 10 minutes and they wanted the grand tour.

After this week I’ll have even more reveals for them since I’ve done another guest bath update recently. I had the chance to partner with American Standard on a new update with their Advanced Clean AC 2.0 SpaLet Bidet Seat with Remote Control Operation. If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen a bidet, but had no idea what it was called.

I saw my first bidet when I lived in Korea. Some of the bathrooms in Seoul have bidets and floor drainage that make personal hygiene and overall cleaning of the bathroom easier. I never got a chance to ask how the bidet was used while in Asia, nor had I used one. The bidets in Korea, were a separate, toilet/slash sink feature installed next to the toilet that had a faucet attachment. That’s not the kind of bidet I installed, but the purpose is the same.

When I returned to the states I had my next experience with a bidet, but at the time, didn’t know what it was called. At the hospital where I gave birth to my second child, the birth center bathrooms were fitted with toilet seat bidets. Having access to a bidet after giving birth made the healing and cleansing process much easier, but even then I thought bidets were just a medical center accessory. I definitely didn’t know they were available for home use until much later.

It wasn’t until the birth of home redesign shows that my husband and I learned people were installing bidets at home. That’s when I finally had a name for this amazing bathroom accessory and it was added to our forever home “must-have” list.

Small Guest Bathroom Update with the SpaLet™ Bidet Seat from American

Bidet Benefits

Feminine Hygiene

From a feminine hygiene perspective, bidets make sense for a number of reasons. The Advanced Clean AC 2.0 SpaLet Bidet Seat with Remote Control Operation has dual independent spray nozzles that clean both the front and back regions. Every woman who experiences a menstrual cycle can understand why water cleansing is a plus.

Water vs. Paper

I’ve traveled to six continents and learned not everyone uses or even has access to toilet paper. Several places I’ve travelled have completely different plumbing systems including the inability to flush toilet paper. If I compare using toilet paper to using a bidet, the bidet wins hands down.

Also, bidets leave you feeling cleaner than when using toilet paper. Before installing the bidet, I kept wet wipes in my bathrooms, but the bidets hands free hygiene makes wipes unnecessary.

When I started updating this guest bath it was so my husband and I had a second bathroom to use when the master bath was occupied and so our guest had a clean comfortable space to freshen up. Now that even more updates are complete, I find myself using this bathroom more than ever.

Here’s a list of the updates we made and pictures of how the bathroom looked before.

Guest Bathroom Updates 2017

  • replaced builder grade vanity light
  • framed the builder grade mirror
  • repainted the walls in a lighter color
  • replaced the builder grade light switch and socket plates
  • painted the vanity a light blue
  • added waterproof flooring
  • added floating shelves above the toilet

Small Guest Bathroom Update with the SpaLet™ Bidet Seat from American

Small Guest Bathroom Update with the SpaLet™ Bidet Seat from American

Small Guest Bathroom Update with the SpaLet™ Bidet Seat from American

Small Guest Bathroom Update with the SpaLet™ Bidet Seat from American

Small Guest Bathroom Update with the SpaLet™ Bidet Seat from American

After the first round of DIY projects I’d fallen back in love with this guest bath. It was ready for guest plus I had a bright second bathroom to use when our master bath was occupied. It has been a year since I made the original updates and noticed some things could use some touching up and I had the Advanced Clean AC 2.0 SpaLet Bidet Seat to install so let me share the newest updates with you.

Guest Bathroom Updates 2018

  • added quarter round floor trim
  • installed a rainfall shower head
  • touched up vanity paint
  • spray painted the floor air vent cover
  • installed the Advanced Clean AC 2.0 SpaLet Bidet Seat

Small Guest Bath Update

Once I got everything updated and the bidet installed I had to be the first to use it and y’all it’s everything I wanted plus more. There are 5 cleansing spray patterns (posterior, oscillation, pulsation, Bidet (front female) & Bidet (front female oscillation) that ensure you feel throughly cleansed. Then there’s the water temperature control and spray nozzle position that can be adjusted by each user with the remote control. I love that the water can be set to cool, warm and pretty much, bath tub hot.Small Guest Bath Update

I was concerned about the cleanliness of the seat and nozzles but American Standard had that covered. The elongated, slow close seat and lid include a self-cleaning nozzle feature that means I’ll never have to do any detailed nozzle cleaning. The nozzles actually retracts and store under a closable flap or nozzle shutter so there’s really no issue I can see with it getting yucky. The bidet seats include an activated charcoal deodorizer that is easy to access and maintain plus the seat and lid are detachable with one easy click for cleaning.

I’m not going to show you the inside of the toilet since the nozzles don’t extend unless someone is seated and has pressed one of the cleansing buttons, but I will tell you my favorite feature. Hands down it’s the heated seat. The heated seat has 5 temperature options to choose from and each one is luxurious. Heated seats and towel rack are two features I want in my forever home so being able to have it for myself and my guest now is nice.

Small Guest Bath Update

Small Guest Bath Update
Small Guest Bath Update
The only thing I recommend with installing the Advanced Clean AC 2.0 SpaLet Bidet Seat is to check your current toilet seat measurements. Our toilet is 15 years old so it’s on the small side and barely was able to accommodate the elongated bidet seat. In the future, I’m going to replace this toilet with a taller and more elongated one to make the bidet feel more cohesive.

Our next big get together is around the time my son leaves for college and I can’t wait to gather everyone into the guest bath to explain how the Advanced Clean AC 2.0 SpaLet Bidet Seat works.

If you have any questions about the this project or the bidet, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ve included links throughout for you to do more research.

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18 thoughts on “Small Guest Bathroom Update with the SpaLet™ Bidet Seat from American Standard

  1. I love your guest bath makeover, from the wall color to all the plants it’s all lovely. The bidet seat is a wonderful addition to the bathroom, I want one for my master bath.

  2. Definitely the one I am picturing out. I would love to copy this idea, and yes the plants that I want too! Yay! Now, I am much motivated to make this one.

  3. Your bathroom looks awesome. Can’t say I’ve ever used a bidet before but I’m always game to try anything once

  4. I have never used a bidet before. I stayed once in a hotel that one and was intrigued by it thanks for sharing your experience. Your bathroom remodel is gorgeous!

  5. It definitely looks sleek and modern. I can’t wait to hear more about how it works.

  6. I love the way you updated your guest bathroom. It’s easy to make small changes that make a big impact. This bidet sounds fabulous.

  7. It’s amazing what a couple of small changes can do for a room. What an interesting toilet! I’ve never seen one in that shape before.

  8. Looks like Japan’s tech is finally spreading all over the world. I really think this should be a standard especially in public toilets. It’s really awesome and it helps us practice good hygiene!

  9. I can’t wait to talk to my husband and see if we can implement some of these ideas in my son’s bathroom as it is small and the guest bathroom or my son’s restroom and the way it looks it embarrasses me when anyone has to use this restroom.

  10. Our bathrooms is in badly need of upgrading. I would love to have a bidet in the master suite.

  11. What a nice way to make a small bathroom inviting for guests. The plants really give it a nice look.

  12. I like how you incorporated the plants. I also love the colors.

  13. I have not seen a bidet in this country but it seems like such a good idea. I am not remodeling yet but will keep it in mind when I do.

  14. I love how this turned out! We have a very small bathroom and I want to update it! I hope to fix it up one day. I like this bidet seat!

  15. I like the thought of having a bidet. When I remodel my bathroom I just might put one in.

  16. We definitely have a small bathroom and could use some ideas for it. I would like to change it up and some of the ideas you have here I am going to do myself.

  17. I love everything about your bathroom. I recently gutted both bathrooms in my house and totally remodeled them. I would love to add that bidet seat! It’s awesome.

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