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Simple Teen Bedroom Makeover | NECTAR Sleep Bed Install

This is a sponsored post written in partnership with NECTAR. All opinions are mine.

In the past 4 weeks my husband, the kids and I have painted and shopped for our home. The kids needed new beds and we were moving their bedrooms around. My son got my old office and my new office is now my daughters old bedroom. My son will only be at home about another ten months before he graduates so we kept his space very simple for now. We added a fresh coat of the same “Roasted Chestnut” color already on the walls since it felt masculine to me in the first place.

Next, I hung a shelf over the space where his new bed would be, so he’d have a place to rest his reading books, watch and eyeglasses at night. I was able to partner with NECTAR to receive this twin memory foam mattress for my sons room which worked perfectly since I was shopping for new beds anyway. The NECTAR mattress arrived at my door, compressed, and in a protective carrier with handles for maneuvering up stairs and around corners.
Simple Teen Bedroom Makeover | NECTAR Sleep Bed InstallRemoving the NECTAR packaging was easy. We set the compressed rolled mattress on the box spring and removed the packaging. The mattress comes with a special tool to cut away the wrapping without damaging the mattress by accident.  I removed the packaging, the mattress unrolled and began expanding to its full size.
Simple Teen Bedroom Makeover | NECTAR Sleep Bed InstallBecause we ordered during their sale, we also received two free NECTAR pillows. I’m impressed with both the pillows and the mattress. I would have never thought a mattress without springs would be so comfortable. The mattress has the perfect combination of firmness and softness with the feel of a pillow top. The bed is super soft and conforms to your body so well. After getting the bed set up I laid on it and didn’t want to get up.
Simple Teen Bedroom Makeover | NECTAR Sleep Bed InstallOn the packaging there are notes about allowing the mattress to air out due to an odor, however we didn’t have that experience and my son was sleeping on his new mattress the same night.
Simple Teen Bedroom Makeover | NECTAR Sleep Bed InstallIt’s about time for me to replace my king size mattress and I am definitely considering a NECTAR mattress for my room. The price is affordable and the mattress quality is great. If you’re in the market for a mattress, but still on the fence about buying a bed in a bag, NECTAR has a “365 night home trial“.

NECTAR 365 Home TrialIt doesn’t get any better than that y’all. Ready to check out which NECTAR mattress is right for you? Use my exclusive link to get the best deal on your NECTAR order.
Simple Teen Bedroom Makeover | NECTAR Sleep Bed Install


Simple Teen Bedroom Makeover | NECTAR Sleep Bed Install

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11 thoughts on “Simple Teen Bedroom Makeover | NECTAR Sleep Bed Install

  1. The pillows and the top of the bed look really soft and comfortable. I love the idea of a free trial.

  2. You’re right, it does not get better than a whole year of sleep trial! Wow. We really need a new bed too so the timing is perfect.

  3. This is really awesome! We need a new mattress and I just signed up for this brands affiliate program. I plan to learn more and perhaps purchase one. Looks like a comfy option!

  4. We just redid our oldest daughter’s bedroom. She said she desperately needed her own room. Funny thing is ever since we made the changes, at least one of her siblings has ended up in her bed every single night. Maybe I need to get Nectar Sleep Beds for everyone else so they’ll sleep in their own beds.

  5. Oh that bed looks comfy! My preteen complains about his mattress I may have to go look into this.

  6. OMG, jealous! From your photos the mattress looks very comfortable. I need to get one too but a king size.

  7. That mattress looks super comfortable! We just bought a bunch of new mattresses in the past few years, but I will totally keep this brand in mind for the future!

  8. This is a really nice mattress alternative. These seem to be all the rage these days. I like the 365 day trial.

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