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Simple Self-Care Blueprint Anyone Can Follow

I’m under no illusion that I get to control how long I live. But, our decisions play a big part into the quality of life we have. Can I change what type of body my family has? Is being fit in my control? Each of us has control and responsibility over the functionality of the bodies we live in. I definitely believe this, however the key is getting started.

Swapping a healthy food for an unhealthy food.

A perfect diet is going to be our best course of action but, how many people are really going to do that? Your answer is probably the same as mine, not me. There is a school of thought that say you have to drop everything and change the way you eat immediately, but this wasn’t a recipe for success for me. I have found that adding one healthy food and subtracting one periodically, was a great approach to changing what I thought about the way I ate. This wasn’t the end, but hey, you have to start somewhere.Simple Self-Care Blueprint Anyone Can Follow

Set goals. Create a plan. Stay motivated.

Now this is where the rubber meets the road. Working out is an ongoing battle and delight. It takes effort and strategy.

First, establishing goals are key. Just like everything else I need to know what I want out of doing all of this work. Why do I need to work out in the first place?

Second, what is my motivation? What is going to keep me going to the gym when I don’t want to get off the couch?

Lastly, what is the plan of attack. Mine changes when the monotony of it all makes it boring. Easing into a routine and not trying to do everything at once keeps me going and at the same time gives me something else to look forward to. The goal is having a life change not working out and quitting after the initial emotion of excitement leaves.Simple Self-Care Blueprint Anyone Can Follow

Take it slow.

There are some people that change their diets and become workout warriors in one fell swoop. I need to take things slowly. Inserting small changes into my daily routine is almost a sure fire way for me to keep the momentum going. I decided take back control over how I feel and how I look. No excuses. Just get it done.


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