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Should I Make My Teen Wear His Eyeglasses Even Though He Thinks They Aren’t Cool?

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I am having the hardest time getting my sixteen year old to consistently wear his eyeglasses. He’s at the age wear he’s concerned about his looks and even though he picked his glasses, I usually have to tell him to wear them. 

If it were just a matter of fashion I wouldn’t bug him, but as his mom, I know how important it is for him to see well. Now that he’s driving it’s even more important. 

Each year before school resumes, I take all of my children for eye exams, even my two who don’t wear glasses. A child’s inability to see, can affect their ability to learn, so eye care is something I take seriously. Since they may not catch small changes in their vision, it’s my job to take them to a professional who can accurately detect the changes. 

80% of what children learn comes through their eyes.

One thing I know about vision impairments is that you can’t wait for your children to tell you they are having a problem seeing. Most times, it’s a gradual change in how clear things are that kids often don’t even notice. 24% of parents wait for their child to say they’re having problems seeing while 25% of school aged children have eye problems and don’t know it. That’s why eye exams should be a regular back to school routine.

Parents shouldn’t wait for children to say they aren’t seeing well –they don’t know what “normal” vision is!

We just had our eye exams and picked out some new eyewear. I let the kids pick my frames, while my son chose his. I’m not in love with mine, but I know being able to see is more important than fashion.

Think About Your Eyes, is spearheading a campaign for Eye Exam Awareness Month and encouraging parents to get their children’s eyes checked. Take a look at the video below to experience what life could be like for you child if they can’t see in class.

When I first moved to South Carolina form New York I had to find health care professional for my daughter, using online locators were a huge help since I didn’t know this area. Whether you’re new to your area or have been there a while, visit the Think About Your Eyes eye care locator to find an eye care professional near you and to schedule your fall eye exam. 

As a parent I’ve done my part in having my kids eyes examined, but the work doesn’t end there. Just about everyday, I’m reminding my son to wear his glasses. 

It’s important in school, at home and even in daily life. He’s driving now so he needs to be alert and aware on the road. Making sure that’s possible starts with me making sure he has annual eye exams.


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9 thoughts on “Should I Make My Teen Wear His Eyeglasses Even Though He Thinks They Aren’t Cool?

  1. This is very educational content and written well for a change. It's nice to see that some people still understand how to write a quality post! cheap eyeglasses online

  2. Eye exams was really important to me. I have a strong headache every day and when I go to the Doctor its because of my eye

  3. So, so crucial! So many of my students don't wear their glasses at school because they're embarrassed about how they look! I wish they would realize the importance of it. We try to have conversations about the importance, but they're so young they don't always take it seriously!

  4. Eye exams are definitely important. I don't have a teen so I don't know how to get them to wear them but it is imperative they wear them or their eyes will only get worse. 🙁 Maybe try contacts?

  5. My issue is my kids losing their glasses! Ugh! I have a cheap back-up pair so there isn't an excuse for not being able to find something so they can see.

  6. Eye exams are oh so important. They require medical exams and sometimes vaccines before kids go back to school. In my opinion they should require eye exams as well.

  7. I hear you I have the same problem as your son I need glasses but never wear them I guess it is a habit. Thanks for sharing all the tips and inspiration.

  8. Nice post! I agree that regular eye examination is important. Everyone in my family will undergo eye check up every year.

  9. Regular eye exams are so important! It was almost a year before we found out I needed glasses and getting them was life changing, I wish we'd known sooner! That being said, I didn't like wearing glasses as a teenager either so I paid for contacts with money from my summer job.

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