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Secrets to the Best Looking Summer Legs Ever

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It’s starting to really heat up here in the south and I’m not talking about 70ish degrees. I’m talking 90 degrees and above. When the weather get’s this hot I wear nothing but dresses, shorts and skirts. Before I can bring my legs out of hibernation there are several things I do in regard to my legs to prep for summer

In January I switch always switch up my workout routine to focus more on toning than adding muscle. I specifically work on toning my shoulders, arms, abdominal muscles, thighs and calfs.

I’ve begun eating clean and working out four days a week and I’m pretty happy with how everything is shaping up.

By March, I began taming my hairy legs with the best razor for shaving legs.

Even though I was still wearing pants most days, I like to start early to give my leg hair time to transition from winter legs to summer legs.

The goal of exercising, eating healthy and taking care of my legs is so that they’ll look great when wearing shorts and dresses.

My tips are the same summertime shaving tips I share with both my daughters when it comes to having great looking legs.

To prep my legs for summer, I shave them twice in March and twice in April using my Schick Hydro Silk® Sensitive Care® women’s razor, and the Skintimate® Mandarin Burst shave gel.

I shave my legs a few weeks before the summer because I can never get smooth legs on the first shave. 

I’m not overly hairy, but my legs are lean and sculpted as a result of my muscle toning exercises. 

So, I have a lot of nooks and crannies and always seem to nick myself if I try to get them all in one shot. 

When shaving my legs I follow a few simple rules.
Rule #1 – Never shave without a great shaving cream or gel. Look for creams and gels that have great slip and don’t dry on the skin too fast.
I’m currently using Skintimate® Mandarin Burst shave gel, but I recommend any of the products from this line.
Rule #2 – When shaving your legs, following these directional rules.

When shaving the side and back of the calf, shave upward starting near the ankle and continuing upward toward the knee.
When shaving around the ankle, always shave down and away from the shin. 

This will prevent little cuts, since you’re going with the natural direction of the skin and bone.

When shaving around the shin, shave down and away from the shin bone, never straight down the length of the bone.

Everytime I follow these rules I end up with legs that are smooth, soft and ready for summer.

Rule #3 – Be sure to protect and soften your skin.

It’s easy to get sunburn and tanned so I keep a bottle of sunscreen in several places. I have some in the foyer by the front door, in both our cars and our gym bags.

I alternate between my spray on sunblock and my Hawaiian Tropic® Sheer Touch Ultra Radiance with SPF 30. I like the convenience of my spray on sunblock for the kids, but find it much easier to apply the lotion.

Do you have everything you need to get your legs ready for summer with lots of moisture, a quality razor and plenty of sun protection? 
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