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Rubber Plant Care

The Rubber Plant is one of my favorite plants because of its ability to survive without a lot of attention. All it requires is a lot of direct sunlight to thrive, but it can grow in indirect light. In indirect light I’ve noticed it grow much slower, but still remains healthy.

I’ve had this plant for about three years and at first I had no idea how to care for it. I listened to a lot of tips from well-meaning folks online, but just because something works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for you.

How a plant thrives is based on the temperature, sunlight, nutrients in the soil, humidity and watering habits of each person.

I’ve had this rubber plant in a coffee mug with no drainage holes for ever and it’s growing nice and strong. It loves a lot of water and tolerate watering once a week to bi-weekly. The more I water it the more new leaves grow. Rubber Plant Care

Rubber Plant Care

In addition to watering it, I feed it with plant food. I usually add a new time-release plant spike when I see the old one is dissolved. I do that every one to three months.Rubber Plant Care

This plant loves the sunlight so I try to keep it in a well-lit window. This plant is also easy to propagate. I cut a few leaves that were spotted but still firm and placed them in a cup of water. One the roots formed, I planted them in the cup creating new plants with their own root system.

This Rubber Plant has thick stems and leaves making the plant heavy as it grows. To keep it stable, I use wooden stakes to support it. Rubber Plant Care

If I can find another small rubber plant I would definitely buy this plant again. It’s low maintenance and easy to grow.


How to care for a rubber plant
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Rubber Plant Care

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