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It’s that time of year where I open up the home section of my planner and start making lists of projects I want to work on during the current season. I have enough big and little home improvement projects to keep me busy through the end of the year. This season I’m tackling cleaning and organization with the help of a few products I just got in my Refresh Your Space For Spring BabbleBoxx. For those of you who don’t know, BabbleBoxx is co-sampling box, typically sent out to influencers that includes themed full size product samples from multiple brands.

The brands that collaborated on this box are Krud Kutter, Scrub Daddy, Waterpik, Duck Brand, Mosquito Joe and Westcott. Let’s jump right into how each of the items included will help me refresh my space for spring.REFRESH YOUR SPACE FOR SPRING

Mosquito Joe

REFRESH YOUR SPACE FOR SPRING BabbleBoxxI kicked off my sampling of the contents with an appointment to get my yard treated by Mosquito Joe. The technician from Mosquito Joe came out and talked to me about their company, provided a mosquito prevention plan and treated the property. The treatments rid yards of mosquitoes, fleas and ticks for up to 21 days and then the technician comes back out to reapply the treatment. Since having the property sprayed, I’ve already seen a reduction in mosquitos.

If you live in an area where mosquitos are a problem, talk to a technician at Mosquito Joe. Make sure to use the code BUZZONLINE for $25 off your first treatment.


Krud Kutter: Kitchen Degreaser All-Purpose Cleaner & Heavy Duty Cleaner and Disinfectant

Next up are these Krud Kutter cleaners which I desperately needed to get my deck ready for spring.REFRESH YOUR SPACE FOR SPRING BabbleBoxx

To see if these could stand up to the grit and grime of a family of five, I tested them out on my deck and the patio table.

My outdoor space was in desperate need of a deep cleaning after the long winter so I used the Krud Kutter Heavy Duty Cleaner & Disinfectant to clean the glass patio table and kill germs since we plan to eat out here. The bleach-free product cleans, disinfects & deodorizes, plus kill 99.9% of bacteria & germs. With just a few sprays my glass table had a streak-free shine.

Then I used the Krud Kutter Kitchen Degreaser All-Purpose Cleaner to clean the deck. I figured if it removes tough kitchen grease & grime in the kitchen, it could certainly tackle stuck on pollen and crud. I was not disappointed and found this was a much easier way to clean my deck than pulling out the pressure washer.


Have you tried Krud Kutter? If not, you can find out where to buy it here.

Scrub Daddy: The Scrub Daisy Dishwand System

REFRESH YOUR SPACE FOR SPRING BabbleBoxxThis is another right on time tool for my home. I just bought a cheap baby bottle brush when I really wanted one with a better design to clean my bazillion protein bottles. The Scrub Daisy has the perfect attachment narrow attachment in The Hyacinth. Combined with ArmorTec®, FlexTexture® and ResoFoam® scrubbing surfaces this attachment is perfect.

What I love:

  • The scrubbing heads plus soap dispenser available on the Scrub Daisy Dishwand System makes getting my protein bottles clean.
  • The Vase & Valet with it’s suction cup base is a super cute way to store the dishwand and 3 uniquely shaped scrubbing heads.
  • The suction cup base keeps the Scrub Daisy in place plus it’s built-in drain directs excess water into the sink.
  • The sturdy derbi scraper for dried on food.

To learn more about the Scrub Daisy Dishwand System go here.

Waterpik: WaterSense Showerhead

I can tell you right now that I’m a big fan of the Waterpik brand. I use their at home water flosser system and have one of their low flow massaging shower heads in my master bath already. I will be switching that one out with this Waterpik Power Pulse. We’ve used low flow shower heads ever since we built our home, but these are way better than the ones that came with the house. Often the problem with low flows is you feel like you’re shower under a faucet because their hardly any water touching your body, but not with Waterpik Shower Heads. This particular water regulating showerhead keep the flow at or below 1.8 gpm to conserve water plus it’s engineered the water channels to deliver the most powerful sprays possible with 1.8 gpm. If you’re not used to a low flow shower head you may feel like it’s a lot less water, but if you are used to the older low flows, and are updating your shower head, you’ll love this one.

I bought my first one at Target, but you you can find them online as well.

These last two products will get put to use in a few months when we pack my son up for college.


Westcott: Carbo Titanium 8” Straight Scissors; Titanium Bonded Non-Stick 8” Scissors; Titanium Bonded 8” Straight Scissors

I’m glad I got three pair. I’ll send one pair with my son to college, add one to my gardening bag and use on in my office. My office needed a new pair because the ones I have are sticky from opening packages and working on craft projects. What I think I’ll like most about these is that they made with a material 3X harder than stainless steel, so blades stay sharper, longer. My current scissors are stainless steel and are my go-to’s for big cutting projects. Just knowing these are even stronger than those assures me cutting will be super simple.

To learn more about the World’s Favorite Scissors go here.

Duck Brand: Duck Pack & Track

The Duck Pack & Track labels will come in handy when we move my son into his dorm room. We’re packing little by little over the summer and to keep things organized, I’ll use these labels and the app. To use them, just place a Duck Pack & Track label on a box, plastic bin or other smooth-surface container. Then, download the Duck Pack & Track app. Using the app on your smart phone, scan the unique QR code and follow the instructions on naming your box, logging its contents and location if necessary.

The easy to use labels are available at Walmart and

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  6. It looks like a really useful box, it’s not often I see a box that I’d use as much as I would this one. I really need a good Kitchen Degreaser All-Purpose Cleaner & Heavy Duty Cleaner and Disinfectant because our water is hard or something and it’s not easy to keep the area and in the sink as clean as I want it to look.

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