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Red, White and Blue Independence Day Inspired Nails

This nail application was so last minute. Like, I decided to do it just a few minutes ago and I am absolutely glad I did.

I love the way it turned out even though I didn’t take the time to tidy up my cuticles.

Nobody will even notice that tomorrow. All they’ll notice is how cute my Red, White and Blue Independence Day inspired nails turned out.

Each of the colors just pop!! I especially love the extra bling from the layer of silver glitter polish I added on top of one of the nails I painted white.

For the blue colored nail, I used “Roar”, the same textured nail enamel I told you about in January

I’m not sure what I’ll wear tomorrow, but I’m sure I’ll try and stick with my casual red, white and blue theme from last year.

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1 thought on “Red, White and Blue Independence Day Inspired Nails

  1. Before pinterest I never thought about nails, other than the basic nail polish. I've gotten so many cool ideas. I'm a bit too old to pull most of them off but I still enjoy seeing what others are doing.

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