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Quick Clean Tips for a Healthy Home

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I was so sick the other week thanks to this little munchkin. I had her over for the weekend and she has the sniffles which didn’t seem serious at all. Her mother sent along her cold medicine if she needed it. I didn’t give her any because her runny nose cleared up, but I guess with all the kisses and snuggles, I caught the tail end of her cold.

Quick Clean Tips for a Healthy Home

The day after she went home I started feeling under the weather and it was all downhill from there. Whatever she gave me made me so sick y’all. It started out as a sore throat and spiraled into the worst nasal congestion I’ve had in a long time. It took about a week to feel a bit better and by then I was ready to get out of the house for some fresh air. That morning I placed my online grocery order and then went by Kroger to pick up some cleaning products and replenish a few things I used up while I was sick.Quick Clean Tips for a Healthy Home

Online I ordered Theraflu Power Pods Nighttime Severe Cold Medicine in Honey Lemon with Chamomile & White Tea Flavors since I’d used up all of my Theraflu packets when I was sick. I bought these instead of the packets because they are easier to prepare when I’m feeling sick.

Quick Clean Tips for a Healthy Home

All I have to do is pop a pod in my coffee maker, press brew and a hot cup of relief is ready in seconds. Theraflu is my one of my main solutions for cold symptoms because it gives me powerful relief without a prescription. It has exactly what I need to relieve  aches, congestion, cough, and sore throat pain while warming me up when I have the chills.Quick Clean Tips for a Healthy Home

While I was at Kroger I bought groceries, household, and cleaning products because we were running low on everything. I used today to restock the kitchen and disinfect the house. With the rise in colds this time of year I want to make sure we had what we needed if any of us got sick again.

Once I got the groceries home and put away I started disinfecting the surfaces in my kitchen bedroom and office. Disinfecting after colds is my rule of thumb to make sure viruses don’t spread. I always use a solution that kills germs and has a delightful scent. I go through with either paper towels or wipes and wipe all the flat surfaces, handles, switches and knobs in the house. I also wipe our computer keyboards, mouse and remote controls. It takes about 45 minutes using a spray bottle of wipes to disinfect the entire house but it’s worth it to make sure we stay well.Quick Clean Tips for a Healthy Home

After disinfecting the surfaces I placed a few boxes of Kleenex® facial tissue with lotion around the house. I keep a box of Kleenex Lotion tissues in just about every room and in each of our cars. Kleenex Lotion is the only one that is allergy friendly plus it’s infused with pure aloe and vitamin E making it super soft. I use them anytime I’m sick and I never end up with tender, raw skin around my nose. I always choose Kleenex Lotion tissues for their dependable care and ultimate softness.Quick Clean Tips for a Healthy Home

After tidying up I made myself a cup of Lipton Soothe Your Tummy tea to enjoy my clean house and to sneak in some me time. It’s an herbal infusion for those times your tummy feels less than its best.* Carefully selected botanicals like ginger and peppermint are blended with natural essential oils that make every cup delicious. I love trying Lipton’s new herb and essential oil infused flavors. I grew up on traditional Lipton tea so naturally, I transitioned to their wellness line. The Lipton Wellness range is made with carefully selected botanicals and blended with essential oils, that helps me make well-care a part of my everyday routine and not just something I focus on when I’m sick.Quick Clean Tips for a Healthy Home

The combination of ginger, peppermint, fennel and natural essential oils in Lipton’s Soothe Your Tummy tea hit the spot now that I was recovering from my cold. The ginger and fennel flavor in the tea is more pronounced than the peppermint just as I’d hoped. This was the perfect combination of tastes and aromas I needed.Quick Clean Tips for a Healthy Home

Now that I’m feeling much better, I hope this recent cold is the last one I get this year. But if it’s not I’m definitely prepared for this cold and flu season.


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