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Protective Style | Pompadour with Single French Roll

French rolls were one of my favorite hairstyles when I was in junior high. Back then, I’d dazzle them up with mini pearls, rhinestones or sparkle hair spray.  
Nowadays, I’m more laid back but I still love the simplicity of a french roll and the classiness of a pompadour which is why I combined both looks for this hairstyle.
 I love that every strand is tucked away and the only part of that requires any manipulation throughout the week is the edges.
At night I might spray them with Shea Moisture and dab on a tiny bit of gel, but that’s about it.

To achieve this style I use Marly hair for fullness and lots of bob pins.

As long as I wear a scarf this style can last up to 14 days but I take it out after 3-7 days.

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