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Protective Style | High Pompadour Updo

The High Pompadour Updo is one of the funnest and easiest styles to create. 

To create this look I used Shea Moisture’s Thickening Moisture Mist the cream and some bob pins.

I began by brushing all of my hair in an upward and forward motion. 

Once it was all smooth and standing straight up. I started pinning the back and sides. If you don’t like bob pins showing like mine were, just pull it out and re-pin it at the end. The pin(s) showing doesn’t bother me a bit.

Once the back and side were securely pinned in place I created a small “u” shaped roll from Marley Hair. I add synthetic hair to give my pompadour a fuller look.

I then smooth, tuck and pin my hair over the Marley Hair until every strand is secure. 

This is one of my favorites styles. It’s super sophisticated, unique and easy to do.


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