Princeton University First Year Families Weekend

It’s hard to believe my son is almost done with his first semester at Princeton. It feels like we got him moved in just a few weeks ago.

He’s doing well and maturing everyday. Since he’s been at school we’ve flown up to visit him twice.

The first time was during Princeton University’s First Family Weekend. The weekend gave us a chance to hug on Junior and check out the university campus at a slower pace.

There were several events and tours scheduled so all we had to do was chose from the list. I already knew the Firestone Library would be our first stop since we didn’t get a chance to check it out when we were touring colleges Juniors senior year in high school.

The library was absolutely amazing! Everything from the old Dewey Decimal system drawers turned focal wall on the main floor to the arched windows on the top floor study rooms.

Firestone Library

Main Level


Firestone Library upper level study room

I found these old study rooms very interesting. The school kept some in the library but now have updated open air atrium style study spaces. The atrium style study spaces are really nice. They’re encased with glass so students can have that feeling of being outside without actually being outside.

Firestone Library study rooms from the past

Firestone Library study areas from the present

The library has statues and artwork throughout including this life size statue of Icarus which only heightened the anticipation of our next stop at the Princeton University Art Museum .

On the lower level of the Firestone Library we found this statue of Icarus. If you’ve ever read the story of Icarus you know his father made him wings of wax and features and told him not to fly to close to the sun, but he didn’t listen to his father’s warning.

He flew higher and higher toward the sun all the while not noticing the wax melting. He ultimately fell into the sea and drowned. In this example the wings appear to have grown directly from his ankles which I thought was so cool.

Princeton University Art Museum

Our final stop was the art museum. There were so many amazing exhibits but the one that drew me was the one with artifacts from Africa and Columbia.  The masks, jewelry and tribal wear was amazing to see. Here are some of my favorites.

We’ve been to see Junior at school three times since he started his freshman year and every time it’s an exciting experience. It’s so exciting to have a child at an amazing university and still get to create memories with him while he’s in school. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better situation for our family.

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