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Prescription Eyeglasses ONLY $15 SHIPPED!!! is giving away (1) FREE pair of eyeglasses to every new customer

With Coastal Contacts you can get your first pair of glasses FREE with coupon code: FIRSTPAIRFREE …all you have to pay is shipping.

I’ve already ordered eyeglasses for my kids online before and have been very happy. The great this about Coastal Contacts is that  you can try them on at home and if the frames don’t fit, you can return them at no cost!

Here’s how to grab your free pair:

1. Visit and click on the ‘Shop Free Glasses!!’ tab on the left side of the page.

2. Use the filters on the left side of the page to narrow your search by shape, color and types.

3. After selecting your frames you’ll need to enter your prescription.

4. Finally check out. You do pay for shipping and handling which is around $10-$15. (The ones shown were $14.16 shipped!!)

I’m not sure how long Coastal Contacts will run this promotion so click here —> to place your order before it ends.

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