Post Big Chop 4C Hair Growth | 3 Month Update

Post Big Chop 4C Hair Growth | 3 Month Update

Between my big chop in October 2016 and this January 2017 update, my hair has grown quite a bit. Not only that but 4C hair is super soft, relatively tangle free and healthy. I will share my haircare routine in another post but for today I want to document my growth and what I think is stimulating it. 

Since my big chop in October, I’ve kept my hair in protective styles with either my own hair or added hair. My go to style with added hair has been Crochet braids using the 12″ Jumbo Mambo or Havana Twists

This style is super easy and only takes an hour to install the hair. 

Big Chop 4C Hair Growth, Protective Style, Mambo Twist, Havana Twist

It’s a great fuss-free style that allows my real hair to rest from manipulation and remain protected from the elements. To maintain this style I mist my scalp every two to three days with a mixture of leave-in conditioner, jojoba oil, and water in a spray bottle

When I’ve worn my own hair in a protective style it was usually flat twists. Each time I braided my hair I left it in for 2-6 weeks. You can see from comparing the length of my hair in October to the length in January, that it’s grown quite a bit. 

WASH & GO October 2016

Big Chop 4C Hair Growth, Protective Style, Mambo Twist, Havana Twist

FLAT TWIST OUT January 2017

Big Chop 4C Hair Growth, Protective Style, Mambo Twist, Havana Twist

The methods I’ve been using on my hair has kept my coils healthy, soft and bouncy which is what I want. I love sharing my journey for those of you who are natural, considering going natural or just curious about African American hair. If you have questions or comment leave them below! 

Which of these styles do you like best?

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  1. You look beautiful in them all! I have a bad habit of doing my hair in the same way – no matter what occasion. It'll look the same if I'm going to work or if we have a fun, gala to attend! I need to add more variety!

  2. You look awesome in all the styles, but my favorite is the flat twist out. I tried rocking my natural curls, but it was exhausting and just took WAY too much time.

  3. Awesome!!! I'm thinking of big chopping my hair in a few months when my husband and I try for baby #3. I would love to know what you used to aid in growing your hair in such a short time. It's beautiful.

  4. Your hair is beautiful. I am relaxed and have thought about going natural, but I am just not ready yet, lol. Your hair grew so fast and looks super healthy! Love your crotchet braids

  5. I love seeing those who are growing hair naturally. I like styling and makes some experiment on my hair-dos. We have to take care of it since its our crowning glory.

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