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Patio Door Update | New Handle and Lock Install

This post was sponsored by the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Germaine and I are working on several small and large home renovation projects that are making our home fit in line with our lifestyle. Right now we’re in the process of updating our master bath and we just finished installing new flooring upstairs. We still have to complete some minor cosmetic work, but the floors are in and they look amazing.

Our master bath is stripped down the cement floors and the walls need to be skim coated. On top of that, we have plan to update our kitchen and build a shed.

With so many big projects I needed a break to do tackle something smaller that would produce instant results. I decided that installing security cameras and replace the patio door handle over the weekend would be the perfect quick projects. Truth be told, I was forced to tackle the patio door after the handle broke a few weeks ago. It happened while we were working on the floors. We had set up the deck with our work horse and circular saw to cut the flooring. When installing floors there are hundreds of cuts required meaning we were going in and out of the door several times a day for four weeks until the handle gave out and cracked.

I replaced door hardware before but never for a sliding patio door so I went to the Builders Hardware Manufacturer’s Association SecureHome website for help with choosing new hardware set. Their A,B,C rating system made it simple for me to choose the right lock for my home based on security, durability and finish.Patio Door Update | New Handle and Lock InstallFor my deck door I wanted a high level of security and durability, but I wasn’t as concerned about the finish as much. With the BHMA rating system each of the three areas are rated on whether they are C (good), B (better) or A (best). When it comes to choosing locks I look at security, durability and finish. The BMHA rating system helped me easily decide what was right for me. This is how their rating and tests are broken down to make selecting the right door hardware easier.

Security – measures how well the lock or deadbolt can withstand impact.

Durability – measures how well a lock or deadbolt functions after repeated, long-term use.

Finish – measures how well a product can survive various environmental elements.

Those aspects are the most important to me so when I went to the hardware store to buy the new door hardware with the BHMA Certified® SecureHome™ label to make my choice. By answering the three questions below I was able to decide which rating would be best for the patio door.Patio Door Update | New Handle and Lock InstallI chose a set with a (A) in security, (B) in durability and (C) in finish. This house will probably become a rental income for us in a few years so I wanted to make sure what we put in would last and make our property feel safer for our renters. This door doesn’t get as much use as our front door nor is it exposed to extreme temperatures so I went with a basic finish.

Patio Door Update | New Handle and Lock Install

It took about 30 minutes to remove the old handle set and install the new one. Once it was on I gave the patio door and glass a deep cleaning. I tested the handle grip and lock a few times and was satisfied with my work. With the security system installed and the new door lock and handle I am to monitor what’s going on around my home and keep my family feel safer.Patio Door Update | New Handle and Lock Install

It feels good to have the patio door project checked off my to-do list. The handle is working now and we can go in and out with ease.

Patio Door Update | New Handle and Lock Install

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