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On-Trend Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses

These super cute, on-trend affordable perscription eyeglasses and blog post are sponsored on behalf of
On-Trend Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses

Gone are the days where prescription eyeglass wearers have to buy eyeglasses from the selection offered by their optometrist.

I’ve been mail ordering my prescription glasses online ever since paying $145 for a pair of eyeglasses I didn’t love but bought because were the best-looking pair my optometrist offered.

Once I figured out I could order my own prescription eyeglasses online I’ve been doing that ever since.

I can’t see without eyeglasses so they’re something I wear every day. If I have to have them on every day, they definitely have to be stylish.  I love to switch up frames based on what I’m wearing or how I’m feeling which is why I own so many glasses. I have two black pairs right now that I really love, but wanted something new so I ordered some affordable prescription eyeglasses from These super trendy eyeglass frames were inexpensive, allow me to see clearer and look amazing on me.

The site was really easy to navigate. Within minutes of searching, I found two super cute frames. Using the filter feature, then selecting just styles the I was interested in, I found some gorgeous “cat-eye” and “wayfarer” frames.

First, up are theses sleek Johnny B frames in the color tortoise with a semi “cat-eye” shape. They have a full frame, with gold brow bar, thin temples with wood detail.

On-Trend Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses


On-Trend Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses


On-Trend Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses

I added a polychromatic lens which darkens in the sunlight. So I’ll be able to wear these both indoors and out without having to switch between my sunnies and my prescription glasses.

On-Trend Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses


On-Trend Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses

I also ordered these Dolce G “wayfarer” in the color tortoise. These super lightweight acetate frames have that gold brow bar I love and sleek temples. I added tinted lenses to these to use them as prescription sunglasses.

On-Trend Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses

These will get the most use this summer as my driving glasses. Now, I can look stylish and still see where I’m going.

On-Trend Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses


On-Trend Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses

Each pair of glasses comes with the following for  FREE.

  • anti-reflective coating
  • anti-scratch coating
  • UV coating
  • micofiber cleaning cloth
  • protective case

For years now I’ve perferred ordering my glasses online. The price and quality are always on point and the styles are just so cute. If you’re like me and get bored with the same pair of perscription glasses, check out the styles and deals on



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15 thoughts on “On-Trend Affordable Prescription Eyeglasses

  1. Both of those glasses look amazing on you! I had Lasik done several years ago but I'm afraid I'm going to need reading glasses soon. 🙁

  2. Boy this is great! I don't wear glasses regularly, but I do need them when I read. The Rx is a very mild, but I don't want those grocery store glasses. LOL! I'll be looking into this for a more stylish look.

  3. My in between diva wears glasses and they cam hurt our pockets. I will definitely keep this in mind.

  4. These look great on you! I love the second pair the most. Great shape to the frame

  5. First off! OMG!! That necklace with the first pair is STUNNING! I love it. Secondly. Thank you so much 😀 I'm gettin myself some new glasses!! I got the same problem you do, went and purchased glass frames for 200$ that I'm not thrilled with, just because they were the best ones their.

  6. I should have my daughter check these out! She's been wanting new glasses but hasn't found a style she likes at the stores in town.

  7. I need a pair of prescription sunglasses and I will probably go ahead and get a second pair of eyeglasses as well. I will check out the site.

  8. I wear glasses so I'm always on the hunt for chic looking frames! Looks like I will have to check out eyewearinsight!

  9. Great choice of frames! I'm liking that style. The polychromatic lenses sound super handy too.

  10. These glasses are really cute! I need an eye exam and new glasses and contacts, this isnt a bad price either. I quit my fulltime job to become an entrepreneur so i only have health insurance, i will have yo check this out.

  11. I'll have to tell my husband about this! He wears glasses & has countless expensive pairs. This would be a great option for him! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Those glasses are cute! I use to wear glasses and that started at age 9 then contacts at age 16. I got LASIK in 2012. I will share this article with my mom, hubby and little brother who all wear glasses.

  13. Those glasses look so stylish! I actually think I need to look into getting glasses. I switched over to a new job and I'm constantly staring at a computer. I think it's time to get my eyes checked!

  14. I need new glasses really badly. I haven't gotten a new pair in about 12 years, so I am going to check here once I get a new prescription.

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