Do it Yourself

Old Navy “The Diva” shorts, coral shirt dress and Bib Necklace

Errands are a regular part of my week and I never want to run them looking like I just dragged myself out of bed. 

I have a really simple method for choosing clothes to run errands in which includes flats, shorts or a skirt and feminine shirt. 

Typically, I’d want to throw on some sweats, a tee shirt and some sneakers, but the dressing is easier since I don’t own seat pants or many tee shirts.
Since I was just running to Walgreens for a few things, I grabbed my comfy Old Navy “The Diva” shorts, a spandex tank top, a coral shirt dress and added some bling.

The chunky bracelet, necklace and gold leather wrap watch dressed up what would have felt like a plain outfit.

Instead of just a plain sandal, I pulled out my gold and rhinestone thongs.

My hair is in a mini flat twist toward the back finished off with a French bun. The bangs are four loose flat twists that were pinned in place.

It was too hot for makeup today, so I kept it very simple and natural. Finally, I wore the earrings that came with the bib necklace I bought in the fall.

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