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Oil-Free Granny Smith Applesauce Vinaigrette

I have a yummy recipe for you today using Mott’s® Applesauce. My shopping trip and this recipe has been compensated. All opinions are mine alone.
Oil-Free Granny Smith Applesauce Vinaigrette

Every day I try to make good food choices so I can feel and look amazing. When planning my weekly menu, salads play a big part.

Salad topped with diced chicken, avocado or fruit are a simple, stress-free option as long as I’m careful about the salad dressing I use.

I don’t like salad without dressing, but most of the dressings I like are oil based and high in sugar. Too much oil, even good oils like coconut and olive, can be detrimental to my fitness goals.

Instead of relying on store-bought dressings, I often make my own low sugar, oil free version.

The key ingredient in my salad vinaigrette is apple sauce. I use Mott’s® Natural Applesauce in place of the oil to create a low-fat vinaigrette.

Let me show you how easy it is to make an oil-free vinaigrette.

Oil-Free Granny Smith Applesauce Vinaigrette
Oil-Free Granny Smith Applesauce Vinaigrette #BakeItWithMotts


1/4 cup of Mott’s® Healthy Harvest Granny Smith Applesauce
1 teaspoon of vegetable juice
1/4 teaspoon of ground cumin
1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon
2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon of mustard
1 tablespoon of maple syrup
salt and pepper


These ingredients create a tart and savory salad vinaigrette  The applesauce gives it a creamy thickness that helps the vinaigrette stay on the salad. I love it that way since I like vinaigrette on every bite.

To make the vinaigrette  I combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and whisk them together until combined.
Oil-Free Granny Smith Applesauce Vinaigrette #BakeItWithMotts
The good things about this recipe is that it’s low in fat because there isn’t any oil in it. Using applesauce instead of oil adds additional flavor and moisture to this vinaigrette while cutting back on calories, fat, sodium and cholesterol.

Lately I’ve been eating salads with avocado, brussell sprouts, kale, broccoli, dried cranberries and pepitas, but my all time favorite is my Strawberry Avocado salad.
Oil-Free Granny Smith Applesauce Vinaigrette #BakeItWithMotts

Give this salad dressing recipe a try and tell me how you like it.

This month I’m crushing my fitness goals both in the kitchen and the gym and I’m all over social media sharing my progress.
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    10 thoughts on “Oil-Free Granny Smith Applesauce Vinaigrette

    1. I love the idea of making my own dressing. It's a great way to have more control over the ingredients that are going into your dressing and these flavors are so yummy.

    2. This Vinaigrette sounds so amazing! I would have never thought to use applesauce to create a salad dressing before. You are so creative.

    3. Love Granny smiths, so I am betting I would absolutely love this apple sauce for sure. I am thinking my middle would give it a try too!

    4. What a great idea for a salad dressing. I love the combination and will try it.

    5. Omg can we say yum?!?! I would of never thought of using applesauce to make a vinegrtte! Must give your recipe a try

    6. This is one idea I am definitely going to implement! I haf no idea that apple sauce could be used as a substitute for oil!!

    7. Interesting! I've never heard of using applesauce for salads. I don't love applesauce all that much, but maybe it'd be good in a salad?!

    8. Well this sounds amazing! I try to use applesauces all the time but wow for salads. I had no idea!

    9. I love using apple sauce in baking recipes!!! I have never heard of using it for a salad dressing instead, what a great idea!

    10. Love this idea of using applesauce instead of oil. A little all natural sweetness and moisture, yum! #client

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