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New Year Healthy Morning Meal Routine

Okay so I’m not looking too bad for 2+ months out the gym. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t even try to work out all of winter 2017. Before November even arrived, I’d made up in my mind it was too cold and my schedule was too crazy. After that realization, I quit working out cold turkey so I could enjoy the busyness of the holiday and family. Not having the pressure to stay fit while eating so many delicious fatty foods during the holidays was amazing.New Year Morning Meal Routine

Now that the holidays are over I can resume good eating and working out while actually enjoying it. My current weight is 133.5 which is the most I’ve weighed in a while. After thirty or so days of being back in the gym and eating right, ten of those pounds will fall off. I’m glad I didn’t fight to stay committed to the gym during the winter. I’ve forced myself for years and after being inconsistent I decided why the struggle. Instead of working out here and there during the busyness I just took it off of my schedule. Working out is a lifestyle for me, so to quit and never exercise again isn’t a struggle of mine. I wouldn’t recommend anyone quitting for such a long period unless they are truly disciplined enough to resume after the holidays.

So now that I have the first exercise of the year in, I want to tell y’all about my new morning breakfast routine. This is by no means a diet. It’s a realistic meal plan that will give me the fuel I need each morning for my eating style.

My eating style is pretty much a liquid breakfast. When I get up in the morning, I am dragging and don’t like eating a heavy meal so I start with liquids.


Every morning begins with water. I keep 8oz. of water on my nightstand to drink first thing in the morning. My daily water intake goal is 64 oz minimum.


This is what it is. My husband wants me to quit drinking coffee, but that’s not happening. He says I’m addicted, that it makes me tired and steals my appetite. All of which I agree with, but I love it so there’s nothing left to say about that. I drink a cup of coffee while I get myself together to head to the gym.

New Year Morning Meal Routine

Protein Smoothie

I use Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder as my make and take breakfast. I drink this during my workout. It’s ideal, healthy, on-the-go nourishment for busy people on the go.  It’s everything I’d look for in a fully cooked breakfast, but this is a quicker option on busy mornings.

New Year Morning Meal Routine

PB & J Protein Shake Recipe


I work out for an hour or so 4 to 5 days a week rotating between upper/lower body exercises, abs and cardio.New Year Morning Meal Routine


After working out I drink my fruits and veggies. There are so many fruits and veggies I’d love to eat, but some are not always in season so I use superfoods powders to supplement. My favorite are the Orgain Organic Superfoods (clip the $5 off coupon) and the Amazing Grass Green Superfood Organic Powder with Wheat Grass and Greens (save 25% when you clip the 20% off digital coupon and choose Subscribe & Save). I use to juice, but it got too time-consuming and expensive.

Lemon Berry Smoothie

Lemon Berry Smoothie Recipe

Using powdered fruits and vegetables is just simpler and this stuff is good. I drink this after the gym mix with juice or in a smoothie. There are so many fruits and veggies in here it’s crazy. With my exercise plan and my morning breakfast routine in place I can wake up and start my day off right.

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