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Natural Hair Styles | Spiral Curls

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One of my favorite hair styles is spiral curls. Done right, they’re full of body, bounce, versatility. 

For this style I’m using the Conair Pro 3Q hair dryer and Conair Curl Secret. Both of these are sold at Walmart in the hair tools section.

When heat styling my hair, I always started with freshly washed hair. I have another blow dryer, but Conair Pro 3Q is a much better tool. 

The Conair Pro 3Q, dries my hair in a shorter amount of time and on a lower heat setting. 

I am really careful about adding heat to my hair, because heat can contribute to damage. 

When using my Conair Pro 3Q, I’m less concerned  since it takes way less heat for me to achieve a faster drying time. 

After drying my hair, I pin back the sides with bobby pin, then begin finger parting and curling sections. 

Taking a small section of hair, I insert it into the curing chamber. It draws my hair in and curls it. The curler begins beeping when it’s time to remove my hair.

My Conair Curl Secret reduces the time it takes to create this style by at least 15 minutes. 

It used to take me thirty minutes to an hour to create spiral curls depending on how small the curls were.

As soon as my husband saw my hair, he told me how great I looked. 

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14 thoughts on “Natural Hair Styles | Spiral Curls

  1. Wow I just loved the hair styles of the little angels you have shown in the pictures; I like the different ponytail styles in this blog.Thanks

  2. Kita, this is perfect for curls in the back. I used to struggle getting them in the right direction. The Curl Secret solves that.

  3. Not sure if my previous comment went thru…

    Ain't it awesome when the significant other notices a change (any change)?! This style is so pretty and I'm so glad that you're a fellow natural girl rocking it!

  4. As a fellow naturalist, I'm loving this. I too love having the bouncy curls but it tends to take too long buy now, I wanna try curl secret.

  5. Love the hair. It's the one thing I can't do on my own that back gets me every time so I give up but it's nice to be able to wear it in different styles and change it up so you can be curly one day and straight the next.

  6. So pretty! I'd love to try the curler on my hair, but I was scared. So glad to see an example of how lovely it is on natural hair!

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