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Nail Polish Picks: You’re Gonna Hear Me “Roar”

This weeks nail polish pick is bought to you by a fabulous deal I got on nail polish at Rite-Aid in December
I was able to get L.A. Girl color pop for FREE after Up+ rewards and I’m finally getting around wearing it.

The description “color pop” truly describes this nail polish. 

The color is “Roar” and it does just that when applied to my nails.

This color is bold, strong and eye catching. The only thing I don’t like about it is the textured look. 

As you can see in my photos, this polish has a sandpaper finish. 

The color is HOT but the textured finish is NOT.

While I adore this color I’m thinking about giving this one to my daughter because I don’t like the texture. 
When textured nail polish came started trending over the Summer I couldn’t wait to try it.
Now that I’ve tried it, I find it irks my nerve because it looks like I did not apply a smooth nail polish application.
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