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My Vegetable Garden + DIY Compost Bin & Vegetable Garden Box

I started my little garden this weekend with a prayer.

I have been very successful with vegetable gardening in the past, but last year after building a vegetable garden box and placing in a new part of the yard,  I planted a lot of seeds, but did not produce any vegetables.

Part of it was my lazyness in caring for my garden, but part of it may have been because I moved it to a new location in my yard.

I love eating from my garden so I’m giving vegetable gardening another try. This year I skipped the homemade compost and planted some tomato and herbs into fertilized soil.

So far I have six tomato plants. In the space where I had my garden before, my tomoatos grew so well with very little attention. In fact, I barely watered them and they just produced and produced. I’m hoping I have the same results this year.

I’m a super lazy gardener. I’m all excited about gardening in the spring when the weather is mild, but once the temperatures reach the upper nineties, I hate going out in the heat to care for my garden except to turn on the sprinkler.


Even with my lazy ways, my herbs have always done well so I’m replanting those this year.

I’ve planted some basil and parsley too, but later I’ll add cilantro and rosemary.

I will plant several more herb plants closer to my backdoor flower beds and a few more vegetables in my garden.

As I harvest the vegetables I’ll share some neat ways to use them in recipes as well as what to do when you have more than you can use.

In the meantime, you can learn more about how I make my own compost bin for super cheap.



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  1. However, it mustn't be too aloof from the water that a hose is needed to water the vegetables or too way to go to. Vegetables would like attention as they grow. Having the garden among many steps reach is incredibly appreciated.

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