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My Favorite Indoor Plants for Fall

Hey ya’ll! It’s been a while since I’ve shared my plants on my Instagram Stories and I am long over due because there has been so much progress. I feel like even the pictures in this post don’t do my plant collection any justice. My dining room has turned into a little jungle oasis and I just love it so much. So many things have changed in my dining room even since I captured this picture but I will update you on that in another post.Today I just want to tell you about my favorite indoor plants for fall.

I love having greenery all around my home. Y’all know I’d keep these plants in my guest bath if there was a window in there, but since there isn’t they only see that bathroom when we have company over. So one of my favorite indoor plants for fall is this Ponytail Palm. It’s a quaint little palm tree perfect situated in a vignette or on a desk. The Ponytail Palm is one of my favorite because it doesn’t require a lot of care and isn’t fussy about light or water. Pretty much everyone I’ve put it in my home it’s been happy. It’s been in the windowsill getting direct light and on shelves in indirect light and it’s flourished. The Ponytail Palm doesn’t require much water and I feed it with Jobes Houseplant Spikes every 30 to 60 days. The picture below is of the Ponytail Palm I rescued from the clearance rack, but today it’s lush a green which you’ve seen in my stories.

My Favorite Indoor Plants for Fall

Another one of my fall houseplant favorites is this Sago Palm. It’s a tough spiky plant that tolerates being indoors, but loves being outside. It produces the funnest soft fronds that later firm up into these palm like fronds. This plant brings the feel of a tropical jungle into my living space and adds interest because of its shape. It’s super low maintenance as long as it get lot’s of sunlight and not too much water. I also feed it with Jobes Houseplant Spikes every 30 to 60 days.
My Favorite Indoor Plants for FallMy final favorite is this Baby Rubber Plant which is not a baby anymore. In this picture it’s about 3 inches tall, but today it sits at about 10 inches tall. It loves water and sun. I have it planted in this cup with no drainage and it’s thriving like crazy.My Favorite Indoor Plants for Fall

I don’t recommend not having drainage, but I’m just saying it works for me. I am not trying to overcrowd my home with plants, but I am carefully selecting ones that bring in natural elements and life.
My Favorite Indoor Plants for Fall

Subscribe to ApronsAndStilletos.comLet me know if you want to see more of my plants here and live on Instagram Stories and I will make it happen. There are two more plants that I’d like to get my hands on before the winter. Once I do, I’ll come back and show them to you if you’d like.

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