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My Family Room Tidy Routine

My Family Room Tidy Routine

One of my favorite rooms in my house is the family room. It’s a second living room of sorts, just outside of the master bedroom. It is pretty much the room I’ve ben able to pursue my creative style a bit more than any of the others in our home.

We use this space for “family stuff” like movie nights and entertaining friends.

It’s so bright and airy during the summer and a great place for my plants to flourish.

I usually tidy up in here a few times a month by cleaning everything the surfaces top to bottom using my Spring Clean kit .

My Family Room Tidy Routine with Globe In Subscription Box

I wipe all of my surfaces using knitted dish cloths and a surface cleaner sourced from India and Ghana. I could just as easily use products from my local store but then I wouldn’t be helping to create income for women who are stay at home wives and moms like myself.

My Family Room Tidy Routine with Globe In Subscription Box

Using the cloths and cleaner together, I spray and wipe all surfaces of dust and fingerprints. This surface cleaner is made using essential oils and it smells so delicious. It smells like lemon and lime and makes the whole room smell clean and fresh once I’m done.

My Family Room Tidy Routine

Next, I sweep the floors and straighten the pillows.

Once everything is clean, I decide whether I want to decor to remain the same or whether I should switch things up. This is one of my joys when it comes to caring for my home. I love switching things around, and replacing things with other decor pieces.

This week I switched out a bright serving tray for this blue and white striped kitchen towel. It came in my Spring Clean” kit. The towel was weaved in Turkey by one of the few women who have become master weavers in a field that has been dominated by men for generations.

My Family Room Tidy Routine

It’s suggested use is as a kitchen towel, but my kids would have it looking like a rag within a few weeks. So instead, I’ll let it rest here on my family room table.

This is my first experience with subscription boxes and so far Globe In is my favorite. The fact that the products are made by global artisans, help people create income, and is priced well makes me proud to use it. The artisan boxes have a different theme every month which includes useful items from all over the world. You can choose your theme or let the curators select a collection of items for you. To get the most savings, choose the 3-month subscription and take $10 off your first box.

How to SAVE $10 off your first box.

1. First, go here and then click the teal “Subscribe Now” button on the right side of the page. (see below)

2. Next, choose how many months you want your subscription to last and click the “Subscribe Now” button. The SAVE $10 promo code only works with the 3-month subscription.

3. Now, you get to choose you first subscription box theme. My box is called “Spring Clean“.

There are several themes to choose from, so look through a few of them to see which one you want.


4. Next enter the promo code WELCOME in the promo code box.

You will see the $10 deducted from your total.

5. Now enter your shipping and payment information to finish checking out. You can cancel anytime. Just make sure you cancel before the 10th of the month so you’re not billed for the next subscription. To cancel, send and email to or call (415) 294-1490.

My Family Room Tidy Routine

I’m really excited about the goodies in next months box. All of the items are things I’ll use.

I didn’t show you how I used everything that was in my box.

My Family Room Tidy Routine

There is a beautiful tapestry Hanging Wall Organizer from Peru that I’ll hang in my foyer. The colors and detail are just amazing. I’m going to use it to organize keys and mail.
My Family Room Tidy Routine

Once I have it hung, I’ll come back and show you how I styled it. The last thing I’ll share from the box is this beautifully weaved Palm Leaf Basket from Mexico. I’m going to put a houseplant inside soon, but for now I’m enjoying seeing it on my family room table.

My Family Room Tidy Routine



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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Globe In. I received compensation in exchange for my honest experience.
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