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My Fall Haul and Watch List

Last week I audited my closet to determine clothing items I’d keep, get rid of and what I needed to acquire to prepare for the fall. 

After donating a lot of stuff I realized I desperately needed long sleeve shirts so I decided to check out a new site I learned about on Pinterest.

It all started with re-pinning these way cute convertible boots to my shoe board and ended with adding several items to my watch list and several others to my closet.

Let’s check out these boots first. I wanted to order them so bad but couldn’t figure out the size chart. By measuring my foot the site says I should order a size 10 but I always wear a 7 or 7.5.  

I’m always weary of ordering shoes online but I love these.


With a little snip and snap they go from ankle boots to knee high boots.

How cute are these? The neutral beige color makes these boots very versatile and for under $35…a steal.

If you order them, please come back and let me know if they are true to size or if they run small.

Now, let’s look at the items I’m keeping my eye on. 

I love the structure and detail of this jacket and because our Fall season is usually long and Winters fairly mild, I’ll get a lot of use out of this jacket.
I plan to add a jean jacket, army jacket and two structured blazers in my wardrobe this year but I want to acquire them as frugally as possible which is why I didn’t order this one.
I do like this blazer and will probably order it after I check out the quality of my first order. 

I love the structure and cut. It’s perfect for my short petite frame and won’t overwhelm me.

This is my first time ordering from this site but I like ordering clothes made in China, Japan or Korea.

When I was stationed in Korea, I found so many cute unique pieces that lasted long after I came back to the states.

I ordered these four shirts for $60 bucks shipped.


I’m sure the quality will be great but I’ll still come back and share a video once I receive my order.
Which of these pieces could you see yourself wearing?
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