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Must Haves in Your Gym Bag While On Your Period

This Must Haves in Your Gym Bag While On Your Period shopping trip and tutorial have been compensated. All opinions are mine alone.  

Having a young family can often be one of the biggest hindrances for women attempting to make time for fitness. Another thing is our time of the month.

Once we’ve actually carved out time to go, we’re often sabotaged by aunt flow. 

It’s so important for use the exercise. Not only are their physically benefits like increased energy levels, healthy taught skin and a fabulous physic, there’s also the benefits of reduced cramping, you often experience shortened menstrual cycles.

So how should you deal with exercising and your menstrual cycle?

Here’s a tip!

First… don’t skip exercise during that time. Exercising during your period is good for you. Your time of the month can often make you agitated, fatigued, and crampy. Exercise will help combat those issues.

But what about wearing a bulky pad to the gym?

I have an assortment of pads, tampons and liners because we all know they aren’t created for the same purpose.
Some pads are long and thicker for overnight use. Definitely not what you want to wear the the gym. You want to choose a pad light, thin, moves with your body and has great absorbancy. 

I use Playtex® Sport® with FlexFit™ material designed to twist and turn with my body.

What about leakage?
The Qwik-Dry layer pulls wetness quickly into the pad and away from my skin. These are the same qualities I look for in my gym clothes and they are found in my pads.

For an extra level of protection, I use the Playtex® tampons. I don’t have to buy two separate products either, because I get everything I need for the gym in the Playtex® Sport® Combo Pack right at Walmart.

What about when I need to change my feminine items while at the gym?

If I’m at the gym more than an hour, of course, I need to have some backup supplies with me.

My bag includes:

1. Tampons

2. Pads

3. Cleansing Clothes & Pain Reliever

I showed you my favorite products for the gym, now I have a question. 

Do prefer these combo packs or do you prefer buying each product seperately?
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  1. I love these new combo packs so I don't have to buy multiple products. They are so convenient! #client

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