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Must Have Beauty Bag Minis

These are my favorite travel friendly beauty must haves. The things that made my list are ones I find myself always reaching for.

Whether it be my pocket book, travel or gym bag, these are the mini items I must have with me at all times.

1. This is one of my favorite drugstore body sprays. The scent lasts for so long so it’s the go -to brand I keep in my bag at all times. My cousin told me about these Calgon body sprays and I’ve been loving them ever since.

2. I just found out about this liquid liner from a friend and I’m hooked. It’s the Walgreens brand called Jordana 12 hr. Made To Last liquid eyeliner pencil. It creates a perfect line every time!!

3. Of course you’d find my Yes-To Tomatoes AcneSpot Stick roller in my bag. It’s the perfect blend of cleanser and salicylic acid to fight pimples on the go.

4. I usually keep a clear nail polish in my bag but this month I am loving the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis Captial Collection from the Hunger Games Catching Fire movie and plan to keep them nearby throughout the winter. (link & price)

5. The new Revlon Colorburst lip stains are all that and a bag of chips. The color last and the formula keep my lips moist. I keep a neutral color in my bag to touch up my lips anytime.

6. There’s nothing more irritating them when I’m out and I get something stuck in my teeth. Uggh!! Nothing works to dislodge food better than floss so I keep a roll of Johnson & Johnson Reach dental floss in my bag. I usually buy the flavored ones for an extra touch of fresh breath.

7. I don’t fee right unless I have some form of breath freshener in my bag. This month it’s chewing gum and the Listernine Pocket packs. They are super discreet and have your mouth refreshed in seconds.

8. It’s cold out side baby!! That means dry, ashy hands for me unless I keep them moisturized. When I’m out and about I wash my hands multiple times leading to dry hands so I do not travel without lotion. I’m using the Olay Ultra Moisture lotion because it works and smells great.

9. I am prone to nail snags and they can be the most irritating thing when they start catching onto my clothing or hair. Uh-no-bueno! Having a mini nail file solves that problem.

10. I’m not hardly going anywhere without my ear buds or these supa-cute headphones. I have like five different pair because I like listening to music or watching You-Tube videos while I workout. They’re especially great for hands free calls.

11. I’m loving this super cute eos smooth sphere lip balm. I’ve wanted one ever since it came out. I still feel like a dork rolling it on but what-evs!!

12. There will always be hair snafus and that’s what my Scuni elastic ponytail holders are for.

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1 thought on “Must Have Beauty Bag Minis

  1. I always need a comb, some bobby pins, chapstick and hand cream. I don't wear makeup so I need very little.

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