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Muscle Growth Without The Stomach Pain

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes through Kitchen PLAY. All opinions in this post are my own.

Muscle Growth Without The Stomach PainAnyone that truly knows me will tell you that I love working out. Exercise has great health benefits when used in conjunction with the right eating habits.

A few years ago I realized that I wanted to see more muscle growth. To do that I was going to have to increase my protein intake and switch up my routine. I was getting bored with going to the gym with no specific goal in mind and something had to change if I was going to stick with it.

The consistent thing I heard from people with the muscle mass I wanted to reach was to lift heavy and increase my protein intake. Lifting heavy was truly the easy part. Lifting heavyier weights stretches and shreds the muscle, but it needs to be built back up. Protein with amino acids is a popular way to do that. The weight lifting was the easy part, however getting enough protein took a little more effort.

When I realized that I couldn’t get get enough protein from just food based on my lifestyle, I had to find something to fill in the gaps. This was a bigger task than I imagined because not all proteins are created equal.

Without naming any names I tried a few brands that just weren’t pleasant to the taste at all. If this was what I had to endure in order to get results, then no thanks. There are more products out there than I can count so I figured they all couldn’t be this bad.

I wanted protein powders that were budget friendly and tasted pretty good when mixed with water or chocolate almond milk. I also wanted one with ingredients that wouldn’t cause me stomach discomfort. I found several options including ones with the ingredient ProHydrolase.

After doing some research I found out that protein powders that include ProHydrolase produce more amino acids. Aminos are exactly what I need to build muscles and heal faster from exercise related strains.

What does ProHydrolase do?

What ProHydrolase does is break down the protein faster and into usable form for more absorption.

Some proteins are literally fillers with low muscle and cell benefits, but it’s hard to know that starting out with supplements. Research and just asking friends who are seeing results from their exercise routines has helped me a lot.

I found out which proteins taste bad and which cause stomach discomfort, saving me a lot of wasted money. Now I look for proteins that are either plant-based or ones with high quality ingredients and include the protein absorption benefits of Pro-Hydrolase.

Where can I find protein with ProHydrolase?

I order mine online or pick up what I need at a local nutrition shop. Several major protein brands include ProHydrolase in their product line so it’s not hard to find. I always read the ingredients to ensure it includes the exact active ingredients I’m looking for.

Having a solid fitness plan, the right supplements and consistency has made the biggest impact for me this year. Also, educating myself about the ingredients in protein has helped me see more physical benefits and experience less stomach discomfort from protein.

Have you used protein with Prohydrolase?

Which brand is your favorite?

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5 thoughts on “Muscle Growth Without The Stomach Pain

  1. super excited to find about about ProHydrolase and start optimizing my protein supplementation!

  2. ProHydrolase is a game changer for me! I have to make sure it is in my protein powder so I can enjoy my post-workout smoothie!

  3. I love protein shakes and smoothies. So happy to know I can enjoy them minus the stomachache!

  4. I am all about those gains. Prohydrolase sounds like something I need in my protein shakes.

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